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Jessica Denay Talks About Celebrity Sponsored Showers

It's Business, Baby! Jessica Denay Talks Celebrity Showers

Celebrity baby showers have become branded events. Forget the streamers and the homemade cake, when a woman is pregnant in Tinseltown, it's time to call in reinforcements. And, baby goods manufacturers are quick to lend a hand and a pile of swag for the mama-to-be to test and give to her guests. Jessica Denay may be the author of The Hot Mom to Be Handbook, but she organizes even hotter fetes for celebrity fetuses. She recently gave us the inside scoop on shower trends.

LilSugar: The whole concept of this hot moms' movement has really become evident in the last five to seven years, when pregnancy became Hollywood's comeback kid. Were you influenced by that?
Jessica Denay: Exactly. We started the Hot Mom's Club and the celebrity baby boom was happening about then so we just kind of lucked into it. We started hosting celebrity events, and recently it's been baby showers because as you can see so many celebrity moms are pregnant. We work with all the top companies so it's natural for us to either throw the shower, or work with these celebrity moms to create their nursery. Most of the moms are coming to us when they are pregnant because that's when they need the most information about the best products, the best websites, and the best resources. Because we've been in this space so long and work with all these really great companies, we can give them the experience of all the different products.

To hear about the latest Tinseltown trend and get the scoop on Jessica's celeb clientele,


LilSugar: Pregnancy has become a huge market. So many of these celebrity baby showers are sponsored. It's not someone's mom or friend throwing the party anymore. Can you speak to this trend?
Jessica Denay: These baby showers are a vehicle for many great companies to be able to talk about their products. Obviously it costs money and (there are) a lot of expenses in throwing amazing elaborate showers so those expenses have to be covered. A lot of the time we bring in these companies to help offset those costs. The celebrity does not get paid for the baby shower. We just throw the actual event for her and her friends and the people that attend also get these great products and gifts that they can test and try. It works out as a win win for everyone. We work with the celebrity and talk about the things that they like and about the companies that they like and the products that they want to use. Then, we go out to those companies and see if they want to come in and work with us on the shower.

LilSugar: Tell us about some of the showers.
Jessica Denay: We did one for Brooke and Charlie Sheen, one for Ana Ortiz with Vanessa Williams and America Ferrera. We did a sprinkle for Angie Everhart because she only wanted a few close friends like Marla Maples and Kristy Swanson. That's another trend, a little sprinkle. We find a lot of moms on their second or third babies don't want to do a full shower, but people still want to celebrate this new baby's birth.

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