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OnSugar Blog: Sperm and Fallopian Tube Earrings!

Lots of moms like to think out loud and Zoe1416 is one of them. On her Ridiculous Mom and Baby Products and Gear blog she finds some interesting items made for moms.

I am back and ready to introduce you to the grossest and strangest product for mom!

Introducing Sperm and Fallopian Tube Earrings and Tack Pins. Um . . . I guess this is a creative endeavor but it's just plain gross.

"Mom, is that a sperm on your ear?" "Dad, why are you wearing a fallopian tube on your collar?"

Some things are just TMI - too much information for you oldies. Why don't you keep sperm and fallopian tubes behind closed doors – no, locked doors! The sperm tack pin is available for $35, and a pair of sperm earrings comes in at $70. For the Fallopian tubes, same price.


So readers, would you wear sperm and fallopian tube earrings? I find these just plain creepy, and ridiculously expensive!

Want to see more? Start following Ridiculous Mom and Baby Products and Gear or start your own OnSugar blog. It's easy, it's fast, and we just might feature your content on our site!

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