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April Showers don't pour on everyone. Our lil team was chatting about our own baby showers and those we've hosted for expectant friends when one colleague and fellow mom confessed she'd never been to a pre-baby fete due to her religious customs. She said:

"Jews tend to be a very superstitious people, and while baby showers are not forbidden by Jewish law, they have long been considered taboo throughout our community. People don't buy gifts for the unborn child, and many of us don't bring anything baby related into our homes – including cribs, diapers and swaddling blankets – until the baby comes home from the hospital. It can all be tied back to medieval superstition that came about when infant mortality rates were high, the thought being that should there be a complication at the birth, a home filled with baby things will make the healing process harder."

Do you know of other cultures that do not partake in baby showers?

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