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Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Kids with Terrible Christmas Presents (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Kids with Terrible Christmas Presents (VIDEO)

Following the success of his “I Ate Your Halloween Candy" prank, Jimmy Kimmel decided to play another trick on America's kids, this time for Christmas. Last night he aired a video montage of clips called “Terrible Christmas Presents,” in which parents are seen giving their kids terrible presents and filming their reactions.

“Those things are not from Santa!” says one of the outraged kids.

What do you think, is this prank naughty or nice?

Image Source: JimmyKimmelLive via YouTube

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MeitaWerdiyanti MeitaWerdiyanti 5 years
A hammer?its dangerous,even for a prank
CrystalChilds CrystalChilds 5 years
Ppl pullease its a joke there r more presents! Smh. Most of the kids r really cute & will get over this w/no problem. There's 1 exposed in here who's very ungrateful, quite disrespectful n deserves a good old fashioned spanking!!
JennaNel JennaNel 5 years
i think this was funny.... cracked myself laughing... all in good fun but some kidz took it very seriously..shame
MinaKrueger MinaKrueger 5 years
I so wished I was able to have done this because I have 2 kids of mine ages 7 and 5 they act like they are 20 and 15. Then I have my friend and her 3 kids here they are 5, 4 and 2 I think this would have been funny excpecially since I even have 5 dogs here. I think I would love to put at least one with DOG food since they always forget to feed them mabey this would be a great way for them to remember.
SusanTurner99544 SusanTurner99544 5 years
Sorry but i didn't find it funny - i turned it off !! it's one thing to give barbie doll parts for a joke as mentioned above - that's amusing, but a black banana is just wrong - as was her mother who continued filming while the child squeezed it through the skin then tried to eat it !!! so not funny, in my opinion. When Kimmel said the point was to give the kids rubbish presents i expected it to be things like people have mentioned in the comments here - bbq briquettes, an old boot etc not rotting food !! Just shows there are some warped parents out there....
MaryFields23612 MaryFields23612 5 years
I agree this is not fun, kids are not adults and Christmas is not the time to mess with their emotions, try Aprils Fools day. Its very insensitive.
MarciaLipman MarciaLipman 5 years
I think is funny up to a point. When the children start to cry and become visibly distraught then the parents should tell them it was just a joke for the show. Better yet turn the camera off and explain.
AlliBurnand AlliBurnand 5 years
This video was priceless. These kids were so funny and yes ungrateful, however I cannot believe parents actually find this "sad and sick" Take a joke and the only reason they say those things is simply because they have no personality or sense of humor. Which in my opinion is sad and sick. What a boring life without laughter. Besides Christmas has become toO commercialized and has made children unappreciative.
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 5 years
It was so awesome I did it myself. My 5 year old was a bit puzzled and my 3 year old loved the dirty sock. lmao. They both thanked Santa and neither complained or got upset. Some of the kids on that video were just nasty spoilt buggers...
KerryHytry KerryHytry 5 years
whoops sorry for the typos..was going too fast on the keyboard as I was po'ed lol
KerryHytry KerryHytry 5 years
Funny but frightengly sad at the same time. Goes to show how spoiled kids are these days. Perhaps they should have grown up in the great depression era when all they would get was a damn oragnge in their stocking, or perhaps they should be educated on WW1.. I bet Anne Frank would love most of those presents. Just goes to show what society is teaching these kids in this day and age. My sone (8) was happier than heck that I brought him home a bag of Cuties oranges this eve! Christmas is minimal here. What is the most important is teaching them the 'real' meaning of Christmas...none of the greedy gimme gimme gimme. Asstated, funny but makes me sick to see kids acting this way and puts a new perspective on how expectant kids are these days :(
tjburcham tjburcham 5 years
that was funny. I felt bad for some of the kids Hopefully it will get made up to them.
LisaVogel52457 LisaVogel52457 5 years
Reminds me of the tale of the child who got a bag of "dung" as a present, and exclaimed, "Where's there's "dung" there has to be a horse nearby...Thanks for the pony!!!"
ShakiaWilliams ShakiaWilliams 5 years
libbyelliott78728 libbyelliott78728 5 years
so funny i think i am going to trick my kids with this how funny
ShakiaWilliams ShakiaWilliams 5 years
Some of the kids were too spoiled! No child should tell their parent they hate them over 1 bad gift! And the one that told Jimmy to s**k his b*lls, his parents are held accountable for his foul mouth but that was HILARIOUS! I hollered!!! LOL!!
Shenna87843 Shenna87843 5 years
Really, I can't believe how many people said this was mean and nasty to do to kids. One it's a joke and it really shows the true colors of some of these kids. Most of them deserved to get NOTHING after the way they acted. I was taught to just say thank you and put it aside if I got I gift I didn't like. Kids now a days are so spooled they expect to be given anything they want the minute they want. Secondly, there are thousans of children out there who would be happy with the "crappy" gifts bc they dont get anything at all because of thier family finance situation. And you actually think this is goign to damage a child..if anything it will teach the to be a little more gracious because maybe next year it won't be a joke.
KristaDupps KristaDupps 5 years
KristaDupps KristaDupps 5 years
Sorry. Should have typed "That sort of disrespect and hateful language should not be tolerated."
KristaDupps KristaDupps 5 years
This was so funny. The best part was seeing all the lame stuff the parents thought to wrap up. (my favorite was the one hotdog) This will hopefully teach the children to be grateful for all the real presents they get this year and to hopefully have a sense of humor. I think that the children with the half eaten peanut butter sandwich should get extra presents this year for being so well behaved! Good for those parents for raising grateful respectful kids! Now the parents of the screamer (who I believe was also on the Halloween video) need to get that kid under control. His behavior is terrible and indicative of some serious spoiling by adults in his life. That sort of disrespect and hateful language should not be violated. The mouth on the last boy (while funny - I'll admit I did laugh) was pretty bad! Jimmy is right: He should clearly be on the naughty list. Merry Christmas everyone!
aprilstewart76757 aprilstewart76757 5 years
I thought this was hilarious....for those people who say its wrong and cruel, get a life. It was a JOKE.
RhondaSchneider53479 RhondaSchneider53479 5 years
It was kinda naughty! But soooo funny! The little blonde girl showed so much grace and poise, her mom should be very proud of her!
I thought this was very funny. I remember playing a joke on them on April fools.
NancyBrasch NancyBrasch 5 years
People are saying if the kids acted like that I wouldn't want to give them anything anyway. First off we promote Christmas as write a list Santa will give u what ever u want. Getting their hopes up for a really great gift. Then turn around and give them a empty bottle of juice? And expect them to be gracious about it? I don't get it. THEY ARE KIDS. We are supposed to be teaching THEM!
NancyBrasch NancyBrasch 5 years
I think this is terribly cruel. Because the parents are letting kids think it is ok to lie, to hurt other people's feeling, and most of the kids got very angry and then the parents laughed at them! Even if it was a joke it was very harsh.
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