What's up with the babies hauling it through a crosswalk on all fours? They're heading to Washington to speak up, er, babble, for their rights! Many moms agree that the best gift we can give our children is a better, greener, healthier Earth. As the green movement continues to grow, so do the eco-friendly options available to mums. The baby line Seventh Generation churns out environmentally conscience products for wee ones but they are also active in changing legislation to demand higher protection for our lil guys. In an effort to raise awareness for toxic chemical policy reform, they are sponsoring the Seventh Generation Million Baby Crawl.

Mommies who want to sign their baby up for the "crawl" can do so with a few simple clicks. The animated babe can be personalized with skin color and a pastel onesie. Friends, families and total strangers can come onto the site and click on the lil movers to support their cause. The goal is to get one million crawlers onto the grassy screen. So join the troops and get those booties, er, diapers shakin'! Just say "no" to toxic chemicals in the home.