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Jon Gosselin Confirms Girlfriend But Denies Engagement

Is Jon the New Kate?

Last month, it was America's most famous mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, who graced the cover of magazines and made numerous news headlines. The outspoken matriarch of TLC's favorite family talked about her books, television show and the demise of her marriage to husband, Jon. Once the couple filed for divorce, they issued a joint statement saying they would not be speaking out publicly and asked for people to respect their privacy. Things simmered down until this weekend when Jon took a business trip France with his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. He also talked to People about his new relationship and denied reports of an engagement. He said:

"I know that my decision to appear publicly with Hailey this weekend will be scrutinized, but I hope that people can see I'm a regular guy who is going through a very difficult time in [my] life and wants to move forward."

The daddy of twins and sextuplets has a children's clothing line offer from Ed Hardy and is now apparently granting interviews, even chatting with the paparazzi when he landed last night. Do you think the Gosselin parents are switching roles?

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reeeeka reeeeka 8 years
He needs to grow the hell up!!! He's going through a midlife crisis and it's totally ruined his family. Dating young girls, dressing like a douch, smoking pot, going on trips, driving expensive vehicles. I've lost almost all respect for him in the last few weeks. Atleast Kate kept her side of the deal and hasn't really spoke. She's spending time with her kids at home while the father of her kids galavants around the world with his ugly hoe.
haydee haydee 8 years
8 kids! seriously! what was this girl thinking???
deanna024 deanna024 8 years
If he does care about his kids, he would think about the example he is setting for them. Smoking? Flaunting his new girlfriend while not even divorced yet?
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 8 years
He really dissapointed me! He is a jerk,he needs to grow up.
caty1221 caty1221 8 years
for all the crying he did on the show about not wanting the attention he sure is milking his 15 minutes for all its worth. i don't care what he does with his skanky girlfriend... but at least have some respect for your ex-wife and 8 kids. i mean common.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
i always pegged him as a child in an adults body. the wife of the plastic surgeon saw the show, talked her husband into doing Kate's surgery FOR FREE and then took care of kate at her house! she must be kicking herself. what's the saying "no good deed goes unpunished" (i think)? jesus, now this will be her SIL :faint:
Kazagirl Kazagirl 8 years
I actually felt bad for that man at one point in time but lately he has been acting like a complete douche. First off, no one past the age is 21 needs to be wearing Ed Hardy. He looks like a complete fool walking around with a tiger on his shirt. Also who on earth decides to take up smoking at the age of 32. I don't mind that he chooses to date but he could at least date someone his own age. Those poor kids of his are going to be so screwed up when they get older.
Lily-Inferno Lily-Inferno 8 years
After all the berating and bullshit Kate put him through, I think he deserves to be happy and well..he looks happy. At least he didnt step out on the kids during their birthday to promote a book. And yes, Im going to agree with Nadia24gv, does it really matter what he does with his own penis?
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 8 years
Who cares what he does with his own penis? He obviously never used it with Kate and the turkey baster bunch.
bonchicbongenre bonchicbongenre 8 years
Ugh. Could he at least wait till the ink on the divorce papers dried before flaunting around his trashy girlfriend? No respect for him. Those poor kids.
Angelica Angelica 8 years
Oh wait, he does have the one with the giant tiger ;)
Angelica Angelica 8 years
Does he not have other tee shirts?
Daisy-Doe Daisy-Doe 8 years
When all this first took place I didn't want to take sides. They were both wrong. But if Jon has a bit of respect left for his kids (and ex wife) than he would stay low instead of going out and about with his new girlfriend and making friends with the paps. He makes it so hard for me to not hate him.
mannylove mannylove 8 years
He has turned into a total & complete idiot. No respect for him...
skigurl skigurl 8 years
the second option is BULL he DID ask for this attention he was out and about with her in countless pictures, flaunting their relationship to the papparazzi. if someone clicks NO he didn't ASK for this - well that's bullshit
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