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Jon Gosselin's Epiphany: Believable or Not?

Apparently a light went off in Jon Gosselin's head but the timing is a bit questionable. He appeared on Larry King Live last night saying that he had an epiphany and is demanding a cease-and-desist order upon TLC to stop filming the children for Jon & Kate Plus 8 — this after TLC announced that they were dropping the father of eight from the hit show. Jon, who recently claimed that he despises his soon-to-be ex-wife Kate, admitted to making a few mistakes including saying that the children are having fun while taping episodes. King asked Gosselin if he made a lot of money from the series and Jon said, "No", but when King asked how much Gosselin made, the papa replied, "Maybe a million dollars, $500,000 after taxes."

Jon's television appearances do not seem to be helping his case in the courts or with loyal viewers who are having a hard time believing that he is speaking from the heart and not the wallet. We can only hope that Jon is truly putting his children first, but his actions are suspect. What do you think of Jon's epiphany — believe it or not?

Can't get enough of the Gosselins? For more on the whole crew, visit the Jon and Kate Plus 8 group over in our LilSugar community!  

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