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Should Divorced Couples Spend the Holidays Together?

Jon and Kate are both planning on being home for the holidays this year. Despite the quarreling twosome's very messy and public divorce, Jon says that they will all be celebrating Christmas together as a family. Every divorce and family is unique and what works well in some broods may not work for others; critics say that it may give the children a false sense of what is really going on. Weigh in on the topic and tell us — do you think it's a wise decision for divorced couples to spend the holidays together as a family for the sake of the children?

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clareberrys clareberrys 7 years
I dont think one person can make that judgment about someone else's family. Each family and each couple is different and therefore it isnt right to say "Yes its okay" or "No its not okay" because it all depends on the family. I spend half of CHristmas with one parent and the other half with the other. For example well do presents and a big breakfast at my dads then come back and do Christmas dinner with my mom. On the other hand, I think its definitely possible for families to join during the holidays, especially during the holidays, because it can show the kids the meaning of the holiday season aka being kind to one another, loving one another, etc.
GMarie GMarie 7 years
Maybe just because it's the first one and there's been so much VERY public upheaval for the kids. Nothing's been finalized yet, so it's all still in flux, and it might be comforting for the kids to see that their parents can be civil to one another as they all continue to adjust.
KrisB KrisB 7 years
I think its best to do what's right for your family. Develop new normals for your family, the kids will benefit from it down the road. Pretending never works with kids, they see through everything. My parents togeather always made me unforgettable around the holidays, even to this day.
kty kty 7 years
they could spend Holidays together if the divorce was amicable,and both parents are civil toward each other...
medenginer medenginer 7 years
My ex-husband have decent relationship but do I chose to spend the holidays with him no. I'll pass on a couple of tense hours followed by a delightful dinner from hell.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 7 years
depends- on if the parents can be civil or not, and if the kids are all comfortable with it.
Deidre Deidre 7 years
Not when the divorce isn't even final yet! I definitely think that would be really confusing for most kids. It could maybe happen a few years after the divorce has gone through, when all parties (the parents, kids, extended family) have had time to calm down from the emotional experience and get settled in a new family routine.
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