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Jon and Kate Gosselin's New House

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Quiz: "The New House" Episode

In last night's episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Gosselin kids got their first glimpse of the new house. Test your skills and see how closely you watched by taking this quiz.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Quiz: "The New House" Episode

True or False: Kate led the troops through a room by room tour of the new house.

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maryann827 maryann827 8 years
Kate and Jon, Good for you Jon for standing on your own two feet. Kate has put you down so much I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to confront her and be a man. She is so pushy. She now sounds like she is the one who is suffering the most. Does she want a halo. Poor Kate, Poor, Poor Kate. It's about time you take time and think about the children. Remember, Kate, you're the one who stood in front of the sink and looked out the window and said "This is all mine." If it were not for the children you wouldn't be saying this is all mine. You come off sounding like you are better than other people. Remember this Kate, God didn't make junk. So why have you treated Jon as though he was stupid. I am looking at the Monday night show and it sounds like it is ALL Jon's fault. Maybe you should be some soul searching. You are not the PERFECT being. I personally think you never treated Jon with respect. The way you have always acted it was better for Jon to keep his mouth shut. Dealing with someone like you, would drive anyone away. Your announcement is now known. Thank God you are separating. All of sudden you sound so meek and loving towards the children and especially Jon. Look at like this Kate, it's all yours. Something you always wanted. You now have it. Now you can concentrate on the children. Maybe you should curtail your traveling. I can see it in Jon's eyes, He is happier now. He knows that in order for the children to grow with the right attitude, he has to leave. Thank Jon for his wisdom, Kate. Maybe you should have listened to Jon and learn. If anyone failed my dear Kate, maybe you should grow up and think before you order people around and try to control everyone. Of course, seeing you spank your daughter is not something a parent does in this day and age. If you think you are smarter than Jon, maybe you should learn the real meaning of the words love and caring. You don't get any pity from me. You earn all you get. And you really worked hard for what you are getting. Grow up Kate. All of a sudden everything is Jon's fault. Give yourself teaching tool. Review all the tapes of the show and maybe you can see how this all evolved. All I have heard tonight is "This is for the kids." Do you really mean it or are they only words, Kate. Remember, Kate "What goes around comes back around." Good luck Jon and God bless and help the children. I hope they are not too badly scarred with the way you have acted in this series. I wonder how many of us have written letters like this. Mary Ann B.
amberblt08 amberblt08 8 years
I think Kate is rude at times but she is female. Also I think the house is huge!! And everyone knows she is a control freak! She always has put her children first. With all the rumors going on I really hope it works out. But remember before they were "lucky" and got the on TLC she took care of 8 children 98% of the time and worked part time! It is time for them to have fun. I know they both know that there will become a day again were she will have to work and they will be on a tighter budget. But remember they give back 50% of what the receive and that's better than what most can say!
classeylady410 classeylady410 8 years
I really enjoy watching the show. I really believe they needed that new home, its about making a home and future for their kids. They could have taken the money and did anything, they are investing in their children's future. I like Kate I have 3 children and I'm not as organized as she is. on the other hand she doesn't know how to talk to John he is a good father and husband, she is really rude and I believe they would get more opportunites if she wasn't so dramatic. Lets pray that she will change before John really embarrasses her! The Lord has truly blesse them and i pray they will learn to praise God for his blessings more and Kate will learn to be a better wife
MissAmerica MissAmerica 8 years
Good the Gosselins are prospering, they will need it with the 8. Bad is frequently behaviors from the mother which the kids now emulate so (not) well. Remember, it is the Lord who allows the Gosselins all their prosperity, perks and privileges. I'm not making the rules just the commenting the obvious.
buttercup-baby buttercup-baby 8 years
I think Kate and John are so blessed and They need to stop sweating all the little stuff that causes them to argue. Kate's nagging about coupons and John rolling his eyes is so childish....Guys stop the nonsense and just be thankful for every moment LIFE IS SO SHORT. Years from now you will wonder why you were so foolish.
debbiecopres debbiecopres 8 years
its a great house,keep up the good work.
zoey211 zoey211 8 years
I don't believe that Jon and Kate are exploiting their children for profit. Why not take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them! This allows them to have the home of their dreams, something they might not be able to afford otherwise. I think that 99.9% of the viewers would do the same. I say good luck to them! Their new home is beautiful and roomy, much better than the small home they had before.
bridon58 bridon58 8 years
I also think that Jon & Kate has let the children become the "family business" instead of actually working for a living. Kates attitude is much more "I'm better than you" and even tells Jon how to speak, ie "nosepeek" when they were going to one of the out buildings at the new home. I was also amazed how Kate spoke to the children about not coming into the master bedroom AT ALL or they will be severely punished. I don't enjoy watching the show as much as I used to and also prefer watching the reruns because they are more down to earth than now.
musicrocks876 musicrocks876 8 years
i have a complaint to make on this quiz....ummm on question 6 it said who will have their own room in the new house? and you said the answer is hannah...well your wrong its alexis..dont you watch JK+8 to get the answer??? well next time pay attention...i bet you had other complaints on this question too!!!!!!!!!
nomom nomom 8 years
Ok, so I'm not a mom, but I started watching the show because of the way Jon & Kate put their children first. Now, however, I'm starting to wonder what's going on. Has money become more important than their children. I understand the need for a bigger house, but come on. If they could not afford a vacation, how could they afford this estate? Also, what does Jon do now? Does he work or do the childen provide their income?
mrs-mom mrs-mom 8 years
this show has been banned from our home. My children use to be fascinated by the earlier episodes when the kids were babies and in the last year its been vacation after vacation,freeebies, sponsors,church offerings and the last straw for me was when I found out Dad doesn't work and they were buying a million dollar home. Don't get me wrong we live very well but our Dad actually goes to work everyday and puts in about 12 hours a day. We don't peddle our children. How sad. I'll be glad when the show is cancelled, so those kids can enjoy a peaceful life in their new home that "they" bought. Kate is horrid and Dad is spineless
Katydid620 Katydid620 8 years
Yes, it took her 4 hours to clean the fridge!! Did anyone notice in the episode after this one she has a brand new stainless steel fridge now...maybe she could have used those 4 hours to play with her kids instead of complaining and cleaning. This show has changed so's become a commercial for all the companies that have donated to this family who no longer need the donations. I miss the way the show used to be...
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
I forgot to mention that I think their new home is beautiful. Gorgeous views and perfect floor plan/layout.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
6/10. Not too bad,lol. I do like the show however Kate annoys me quite a bit. John seems to take alot of her cr*p and I wish he wouldn't. I could never deal with someone treating me like she treats him or the way she overreacts. I am all for saving money however to flip out over $20 is pathetic. Also, the way she told the children to stay out of Mommy & Daddies room is ridiculous. Teach them to knock first and wait for an answer OR not to go in when no one else is in the room. Don't tell them that they are to never go in or there will be severe punishment. Drama queen much? The kids are adorable however Maddie could benefit from therapy; a place to vent and not take her anger out on her siblings.
Julliet Julliet 8 years
I did see this episode I have to say the house is GORGEOUS. The internet already has pictures outside of the house which wasn't shown on the episode. What I found mean of Kate regarding the rule for the kids to never step in their room. How mommy and daddy need their privacy and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Im sorry but what parent ever has any privacy at home. I did agree on knocking before entering but never setting foot into the room its a bit too much. My 9yr. old son was also bothered by this. I do not mind letting my 2 children have a sleepover in my room Id do the same if I had 8.
kidsofmyown kidsofmyown 8 years
My oh my! Kids not allowed in parents bedroom, children sleeping in the basement,screaming at John about a stupid receipt..all for $20.00? Kate treats him like a child! Discraceful! Doesn't John work anymore? He seems to do EVERYTHING..we rarely see Kate doing anything except yelling,freakin' out about silly things(everyone has dirt in their lives)and PLEASE get Maddie some counseling..her behavior is appalling at times....they used to claim to be Christian..I never hear talk about church anymore??? I will se how it goes ...but the dynamics have changed...and not for the better...the children are adorable and I wish them all well...but please Kate get a grip and start treating John with the respect he deserves!!!
frankie7 frankie7 8 years
I also watched the show last night. I have never been a huge fan of the show becuase I get very tense watching all of the chaos. (My son's preschool has 17 children in the class and it NEVER sounds like their household). Anyway, I too was bothered that she left the child sit on the potty waiting to be wiped. But even more, I was disturbed by the way she looked out over her new "land" from the kitchen window and said "All mine, All mine, as far as the eye can see. All mine" I was disturbed that she did not say "All ours..." I think that's very telling what her priorities are.
carlychaos carlychaos 8 years
waiiiiit a sec...i remember kate saying alexis gets her own room because she keeps the other girls awake during nap time. Which is also why she sleeps in the basement in the old house.
kewegrzyn kewegrzyn 8 years
They sure don't seem to be suffering much from this recession do they? Hair transplants, big trips, hugely expensive new house! Watched last episode-won't watch again-she is so pretentious, a control freak, her husbands a wimp, and I can't stand the way she walks around with her limp wrists - give me a break!!
bosley bosley 8 years
I predict Jon will leave Kate for another woman because he will be so fed up with her brow beating him in front of millions. You can tell money is a major part of their lives now. I'm not crazy about a spin off.Kate is dressing better and that house is enormous....I'm not sure I care for them anymore.
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