It's one thing to see the word divorce written across a speculative headline, but it's another to hear it come from the lips of a couple who made a commitment to each other 10 years ago believing it would be forever. Jon and Kate Gosselin got married young, started a family with their twin daughters, Mady and Cara, 8 and then welcomed a super sized addition with the miraculous births of their sextuplets — Aaden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah, 5. Despite renewing their vows in Hawaii last Summer and reassuring their kiddos that they would stay together, the parents announced their split during tonight's raw episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

The hour long "big announcement" special proved to be a tearjerker because no matter what opinions one has of the couple, fans undoubtedly feel for the children. And, perhaps some heartbreak comes with the fact that not every family makes it, even when it seems like they already overcame the biggest obstacles life would offer them. What's your opinion of tonight's episode?

Update: The next new episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 will air on August 3 due to production issues.

Photos courtesy of TLC