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Last night TLC aired, Jon & Kate Plus 8: The First 10 Years, a retrospective about the couple and their children. While last week's Big Announcement was a tearjerker, this special was equally sad. It was not because it focused on the demise of Jon and Kate's marriage and the breakup of the family, but because it showcased their happiest times with home videos, clips of the honeymooners in Disney World and welcoming the twins and sextuplets. It featured footage of them purchasing houses and making them homes filled with memories. There were scenes of the tensome laughing, vacationing, bonding and the parents in love. It was hard to watch without thinking about how much Jon and Kate are giving up in order to move on. While they will not be making public comments as they deal with their separation, do you think fewer parents would divorce if they stopped to remember the past and all the reasons they initially fell in love and what they accomplished in creating their children?

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lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
i don't know. i remember looking at my aunt and uncle's photo album with my uncle, right about the time he was getting divorced. there was one photo in particular where they looked SO happy and in love. i asked him if he didn't miss that feeling w/ my aunt and he said "i'm not that person anymore". it was over for him, that moment was just a picture in an album and he had moved on.
HTCmom HTCmom 8 years
Sometimes, looking back and what you have been through as a couple helps provide perspective on the relationship. Think about how many family dinners/holidays or when your with a group of old friends that the conversations start looking back and everyone gets to laugh and have a great time.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
My husband and I feel that our best times are ahead of us. We both had a crappy time with high school and believe those are the worst times. Now that we are married we feel that we should do what it takes to stay together, though we have discussed what it would take for one of us to leave or end the marriage, we don't believe either one of us would do any of those things.
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