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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Quiz: "The Big Move" Episode

In last night's episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Gosselins packed their belongings and bid goodbye to their house as they moved into more spacious digs. Test your skills and see how closely you watched by taking this quiz.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Quiz: "The Big Move" Episode

Which Gosselin kid got in trouble for jumping all over the moving boxes?

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gillbean gillbean 8 years
I have to say after reading all these comments many of you are pretty judgemental. Jon and Kate are doing the best for their family. Can anyone who has posted say they are in the same boat as Jon & Kate and have they walked in their shoes. I for one can say No to both. I give them credit for airing their dirty laundry on tv. They aren't the Brady bunch, no one is perect. I commend Jon & Kate and I wish them the best. They are trying to provide for their kids and I give them tons of respect.
ooshescrafty ooshescrafty 8 years
i have to say, i have been a biiig lover of this show since it first started. but it seems the longer it goes on, the more money they inherit for...having lots of kids?? not that it is a terrible thing but, to be given soooooo much money for just having children and changing the way you are as a person is just sad. i truly loved the way kate and jon were as a couple when the show first started but now, they are very different. i wish theyd just act as a normal couple would in their situation so that the show would seem more interesting as it used to. now its just grown into, ohhh how much money have they gained for this season??? rather than watching them provide for the children based on what they could solely provide for them without the extra income from the tv show. it's just flat out boring and soo predictable now. it makes me sad to post this b/c i used to be such a huge fan of their show but now it just makes me sick whenever i happen to turn to it. and trust me, it doesn't stay on for more than five minutes!
kaileejo kaileejo 8 years
Ya know, if you don't like the show and have nothing good to say about it, then why are you watching it? Jon and Kate are doing the best they can with what they're given, and any of you would do the same in a situation like that with 8 kids. I'll bet none of you even know what that's like. No one's forcing you to watch it and I know no one asked YOU to judge them. You talk about them not being good Christians, but what about the rest of you? It's not YOUR place to judge.
sqrlyann sqrlyann 8 years
The "niceness" and "purity" of this show is gone. Once you "sell" your kids for a million dollar home and say on camera "this is all Mine" it is in my opinion greedy and self serving by the mother and they have now in television land done what is termed "jumping the shark"! It is no longer wholesome and sweet, it's all about the money and a house and expensive appliances and what the show can do for the Mother via her children. And yes, their twin "Mady" needs some serious dicipline. What a brat! She has some serious issues. (She kind of reminds me of the Mother!!) I feel in the future some of the children will come to resent having cameras in their face. How do the parents really know if all their kids wanted this? It's now just about the money and I am no longer a fan.
Book-it Book-it 8 years
Sandy, this is the only way Kate knows how to talk to Jon, and then they say "we are Christians" well I am embarrassed for us christians, b/c God's word plainly tells man to be the head of his own home, he is to be the leader, and thats not ever gonna happen with Kate. So thats what they are teaching the kids, forget how to go green, hygiene, and keeping their space in order (which is yet to be seen) none of that will matter, b/c they will have no respect for any one, it is clear to see Mady has no respect for Jon or Kate as it is, I have read that ppl think Kate spanks her kids, well if she does, it sure don't do any good and it sure the heck don't show, where every one gets they are so well behaved, when ? where? Mady behaves just like her mom, when she gets the attention and her own way, other than that look out, she'll hit the kids and Kate will blame them for it, just like she did when Mady kicked the poo out of the little one . Yeah thats well behaved okay..Pulllleeezzzeeee
Sandy1206 Sandy1206 8 years
Okay, Kate freaks out that Jon did not use a coupon. I was embarrased by how she handled this.I mean is that the only way she knows how to deal with stuff? All this while she has justed moved in to a million + dollar home??? UNREAL!
kateisevil kateisevil 8 years
First of all Kate is a terrible person for what she is doing to Jon and the kids. All she does now is fly around the country and sign books, while leaving Jon with all the kids. And why couldn't Kate let Aunt Jodi get some money for all the help she has given the. Talk about a greedy s.o.b, her and this woman from California are what is wrong with this country. And does anyone know why the twins aren't in the new season, i'm guessing they realized they were being exploited and they stood up and said "no more". If anyone knows for sure why they aren't being shown i would love to know
Book-it Book-it 8 years
What decipline? sending one little girl to time out when the others were just as wrong? by letting one twin talk to them dis-respectful? or by mommy saying "don't listen to daddy, he's mean?" that must be it b/c thats all we see and hear anymore,Those kids going to time out is as silly as saying I'm gonna count to 3. And yes we have all snapped at our husbands at times, but Kate don't do it at times, she does it every episode, and I mean every episode, she don't snap at him she degrades him. and that is a christian wife? pullleeezzzeee, God help us who think we are doing it right then. So see it isn't just the book signing, what value are the kids taught? that every thing is free? that some body will always bail you out? that it is okay for the big sister to kick you butt and get by with it, that family values is about big sister getting her own way and now a little sister gets a private room? b/c they are special? Tell me one time when Mady has ever been dis-ciplined for any thing, even when Kate hollers at Jon to discipline her, she standing there telling him not to, Want to know why Beth is gone? b/c she would'nt put up with Mady being ride and disrespectful to her. Beth has been gone since the utah trip when she sent Mady up stairs for lying to her about hitting the kids, Kate excused it in saying "Beth and Mady has a love/hate relation ship, wrong Beth was the adult, and Mady couldn't shove her around like she did Kate on that interview, did yousee that? told Kate to quit bossing her around, she is how old? Kate did what about it? She Laughed just like she always does. No she is not acting like a christian mother.
willnecker willnecker 8 years
Jon and Kate are sharing more with people on the disapline it take to raise kids. Eight or two. They give them expectations. I feel her order at home will value them through life. People think she's aggressive well sometimes in a heated situation we all show our spouses alittle agression. They are teaching these kids at an early age value in family,hygene, going green, keeping there space in order. Nothing wrong with that watch the show maybe some of you parents will learn alittle. Keep going Jon and Kate.
LilaBo LilaBo 8 years
if kate was at a bookstore, at a book SIGNING, where there was a line of people, i would assume that i'd also have to wait in that line to get my autograph, on the book she was there to promote. don't see how thats wrong. a book signing is about signing the book, right?
Book-it Book-it 8 years
Some one said Kate did not show a christian act by them having to buy a book before they could get her autograph, well when do you see many christian acts out of her or Jon? First Jon would have to be the head of his own home, and that is never gonna happen, I'm not sure when they do act like christians, I don't care how many kids you have or how tired/stressed you are, a christian wife/mother does never embarrass her husband in public,and espically national T.V. I do not find her reasons and excuses for the way she treats Jon, in my bible anywhere, where it is okay!!
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
I couldn't believe how mean Kate was about the coupon. Yes, it's good to save money when you can. But the way she was freaking out at Jon and talking to him like he was a child was just annoying to watch.
debv57 debv57 8 years
I believe they are in it for the money especially if she wouldn't give autographs without purchasing her book, they have also made the comment on their show that by the time they finish making these shows each one of their children will have enough money in their accounts to pay for college! I mean they even had a huge family dispute over her sister-in-law Jody being paid for doing the show, Kate said that no one gets paid for doing the show except them! How selfish is that, after all they would be no where if it weren't for all of the help they've received since the sextuplets were born, I've been watching the show since it started and there have been several people helping this family out and I believe that they all should of been paid for the work that they did, but I believe that pretty much all of them volunteered their time! Oh well, I believe Kate needs to learn to be more of a Christian and share their good fortune with the people that helped to get her where she is, oh and by the way teach Mady some manners, that is one of the meanest children I've ever seen!!
brenda-f brenda-f 8 years
does anyone know when you go to the website (their personal website) the email they have on there does NOT work. i email it and it comes back rejected every time. it's frustrating. i know they are getting emails, but how are they getting them? kate was in indianapolis recently and to get her autograph/picture you had to buy her book and then wait in line. i thought this was "dirty pool" and unchristian like. my 14 year old daughter was so disappointed. that is the whole reason we went to the home show. they "claim" they are not in this for the money but it has to make you wonder after this little stint. I was very disappointed. I will keep watching the show but I am just venting my opinion. Thanks-
Moms Moms 8 years
LaDolceVita — I loved Joel's fall down line too! That, and Collin trying to get him to put on the right shoes. The boys are so funny and adorable.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
i really like the new house. but, jon seems to be screaming more as the kids get older. almost like kate and he have changed roles - now he's the bad guy.
LaDolceVita LaDolceVita 8 years
Joel's I fall everyday line was the best line ever!!!
smileyface smileyface 8 years
Cute episode. Their new house is soo big! But its great, they really deserve it.
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