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When Jon and Kate Plus 8 debuted it appealed to viewers because much like the specials that preceded it, the show centered around more than just eight adorable children, but a real couple — Jon and Kate Gosselin — who for better or worse, were making their marriage work while raising two sets of multiples. It was a feat that most of us couldn't imagine, but show after show, we watched the laughter, banter, and bickering between them. We saw the young husband and wife navigate their way through their chaotic life, taking on trying times and celebrating triumphs together. We've seen them holler and roll their eyes while allowing the cameras to film, but until tonight's fifth season premiere, we'd never really seen them retreat. As a longtime fan of the big brood, I watched the hour-long episode with a lump in my throat. Here are the reasons why . . .
Kate Cried: Both fans and foes of the Gosselin matriarch would agree that if anything, the mom to multiples is an incredibly strong woman. To see her so emotional when discussing the state of her marriage was difficult to watch. How could any fellow wife and mother not be affected?
Jon No Longer Jovial: The laid-back guy has always been the light-hearted half of TLC's favorite couple. Tonight the man who was married at 22, a dad by 23, and father of sextuplets by 27 seemed disconnected, almost stoic, and broken. It was heartbreaking.
To see the other reasons the season debut was somber,

No Banter, Not Even Bickering: Jon and Kate are famous for their way— good or bad — of communicating and at the sextuplet's fifth birthday party, there was scarcely any interaction between the two. But, tear-inducing moments between each with their children.
Divorce Statistics: While tabloid headlines and news reports are all speculation even when "sources" confirm portions, tonight, talk of splitting up came straight from the couple and that made it all too real. Especially when Kate mentioned the statistic associated with divorce among parents of multiples and said that the family picture may be their last.
Separate Sides of the Chair: Jon and Kate have been interviewed side by side in the oversize chair since the show began, often sipping coffee or getting a sugar rush from jelly beans to stay awake. In this episode, they sat in the new chair without touching. Their body language spoke volumes.

Photos courtesy of TLC

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Are women so insecure that they feel validated by criticizing others for doing the very thing they're doing? Being rude and acting like they are morally better? Is life so boring that you have to make comments that cut people down? Does anyone else find it silly when people criticize others for doing the same thing they're doing?
kittycat8 kittycat8 8 years
The heated Kate Gosselin criticism brings up this point: women can be very harsh on each other. Not surprisingly, there are 100+ comments on this thread, and many of them are attacks on other commenters! Are women so insecure that they feel validated by serially attacking fellow members a pop culture website? Challenging their "sources" for their personal opinions of a TLC television show? Is life so boring that you have to go around picking fights on the internet for excitement? Does anyone else find this silly? I apologize if this sounds harsh but this discussion warranted it. Thanks for listening.
impurrfectmiss impurrfectmiss 8 years
im very upset that social services have not stepped in on the whole ordeal and put their foot down. these people are exploiting their children for their own good use. i understand working at a simple job for your children but using them and exposing them to all the media crazy people just to get a dollar which you only spend yourself?? both kate and john are at fault. obviously kate had been doing something wrong to make her husband want to move further away from her. she has been doing all these book signings and tours as if she is a celebrity and has no family. doesnt anyone see the NEGLECT? i truly hope that these children soon fall into the hands of loving people that can make time to always be with the children and show them whats its like to grown up in a happy environment. as an end note.. how different is kate gosselin from the octomom????
ae1979 ae1979 8 years
I feel sorry for the whole family.
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 8 years
RunningESQ - I couldn't have said it better myself!
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
i finally watched the rerun episode last night. jon is so angry and kate is so sad. i wonder if jon reallyd did cheat or if his behavior was just stupid and now he's upset because he wishes he had cheated.... and, with such a change to his personality, i wonder if he's doing drugs or taking steriods since a while back he was really into going to the gym.... so many unanswered questions.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
Honest to God if I had 8 children (2 sets of multiples) and someone approached me for a show I'd do it too. Those kids have to go to college. I was so surprised when I heard they didn't have a scholarship fund ( I just knew that Huggies or something would have given them a trust fund, I don't know why I thought that). $75,000 is a lot of money per episode and last season had like 100 episodes. I believe Kate is trying to rack up as much money as she can so her kids can have a comfortable lifestyle (which I'd do the same damn thing, sue me). If that means having a show, we're having a show. Now of course she's changed but so has Jon. He just doesn't seem to be trying (imo). Kate loved her job but she quit to stay at home with them. She was the one at home with them all the time (before the book deal) cooking, cleaning, praying for the time to go faster. So know it's her turn to work and he has to stay with the kids and all of a sudden it's a big problem. Yes Jon you had 8 kids before you were 27 but hey shit happens sometimes and you gotta deal with it. I know you missed your youth but now is not the time to experiment (especially with your marriage falling apart) and roll up to your sextuplets birthday party in an Audi/Mercedes/Lexus (whichever car that was) 2-seater (selfish much, you can't fit anybody in that car). Whatever, I'm not gonna write a book on it but they BOTH need to compromise and neither get any sympathy from me (only the children).
Community-Manager Community-Manager 8 years
Hey everyone, all opinions are welcomed, but please respect any difference of opinion that you may not agree with. Thanks!
nicolekamai nicolekamai 8 years
At this point, I don't think that anyone besides Jon & Kate really know what's going on between them. The media spins stories anyway they want to. I just have to think how much harder it is, having to deal with issues while the media (not just TLC) picking apart everything they say or people say about them. At this point, I'm just going to pray for that family and hopefully things start to work out for the better, whatever that maybe
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Navaeh, that's interesting to hear...
kurniakasih kurniakasih 8 years
I think eventually they will go off the air, but the question is when (since their show seems to have gained more audience by their marital 'drama') and by then, will their marriage have fallen apart or will they be able to 'survive' if neither can find jobs (normal, without cameras) when their savings dwindle (hey, they're in this very comfortable--possibly higher priced lifestyle, I can't quite imagine them going back to their 'roots' after this--I'm sure they don't want to, I just a feeling that they're way 'comfortable' with the money they've received for doing all this). I read in a 'gossip' website (I called it 'gossip' because I don't know if there's a real source behind it although they claimed to have 'confidential' source), right now they're (Jon and Kate) negotiating new seasons already focusing on the 'marriage' so it'll be Jon and Kate on marital counseling. Ergh. I need to find that link, I swear I read it somewhere.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
And, I'll admit, I like to argue. But, I don't get mad about things on the Internet! Life's too short for that.
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