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The Jonas Brothers Go Home With Their Mom at Night

Barbara Walters is known for breaking even the toughest, most seasoned stars during her interviews, but she didn't get much out of The Jonas Brothers. The Disney musical sensations — Nick, 16, Joe, 19, and Kevin, 21 — told the prime time queen that the silver rings they wear are a sign of respect towards the girls they date. And, at the end of the day, they board their tour bus with one woman — their mother. The trio known for their clean songs and admirable image has many moms of teen, tween and even tot fans breathing a much welcomed sigh of relief.

Courtesy of ABC

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Tizzy79 Tizzy79 8 years
It was a really unfortunate interview for seeing what they are all about, and I think the fault really lays on Barbara Walters for asking disrespectful questions they have made it clear they are not interested in answering, which made them appear standoffish. They seem odd because they don't want to have to talk about their religious background, which is no one's business. As a mom, I've been following their career for a few years and they are extremely normal young man in many ways, really nice, down to Earth and they are definitely talented. You can't always judge performers by their TV performances - those always sound terrible, that's why so many artists lipsync. They totally have a nuanced worldview, at least in terms of music and pop culture, not unlike other people of their age - and likely a bit more mature, but being that they were only asked about their sexual, "moral" and dating habits, they weren't able to show anything positive about themselves. Barbara Walters should be ashamed, how lame. Disney picked them up because they are great entertainers who had a hardcore following for they were signed to Hollywood Records, and are known to put on great concerts and have an unbeatable work ethic (they've basically been touring for 4.5 years). There's nothing weird about them apart from the fact that they are attempting to keep the public mind out of their pants the best they can (and not doing a great job of it, sadly). It's too late, these kids got manipulated into an image they were too young to understand, but they are good, talented guys.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
i watched part of this interview. these brothers are odd. and, the youngest one had answers there were so entitled. ugh. i think barbara did a good job interviewing them considering what she had to work with and i think she'd agree with me - they are WEIRD! did disney pick them up because of their family's strict values? because they certainly can't sing. ugh. were they homeschooled? because they certainly don't seem to have a world view - almost like they were brainwashed and cloned. very odd.
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