Motherhood (and being an Auntie) can be a mind-boggler. Go2Girl shares her latest revelation about her role in The Mommy Club.

I absolutely love being an Auntie to two adorable lil ones who are twins. My gift giving has never gotten out of control, but I must admit, I do like (spoiling) buying them stuff - messy sweets that their parents usually say no to or those toys which would make any parents want to donate in a second. However, let the truth be known, I actually feel like a kid again when I get to buy fun toys and games for them that I deep down want for myself! There I said it, I want to be like Tom Hanks in Big all over again. Sigh, those days might be over for me, but playing the role of Auntie gives me a free pass to buying everything that my mom would have said, "put that back now!"

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