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Judge Bans Baby Name Messiah

Judge Orders Mom to Change Baby's Name

Think you have the right to choose your baby’s name? Not always, according to a Tennessee judge. Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew ordered a mom to change her son’s name from Messiah to Martin, saying the religious name was reserved for Jesus Christ. Ballew explained that naming a boy Messiah “could put him at odds with a lot of people,” especially in Cocke County, which has a large Christian population. The boy’s mom plans to appeal the decision.

Source: WBIR-TV
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MelyndaPingal MelyndaPingal 3 years
I don't think i would follow the judges ruling . This is a free country, isnt it? Makes me want to have another baby just so i could name it Messiah!
RachelRasmussen RachelRasmussen 3 years
Why does the judge think he gets to choose "Martin"? Sounds like Martini- and babies aren't allowed to drink- Uh oh. There's going to be a backlash there! Lol. I can see him ordering her to change it from "Lord-God-Almighty", but Messiah is okay. I like it.
MelissaChartrand14888 MelissaChartrand14888 3 years
I think it sounds like an awesome name! If people can name their kids Jesus why not Messiah that is messed up.
deedeecolville deedeecolville 3 years
I love the name too and what about people who name their chilren Jesus? Whats the difference, Messiah is beautiful.
JanetteLockett JanetteLockett 3 years
Absolutely HORRIBLE! I think Messiah is a beautiful name! I would move states! How dare the government tell us what we can and cannot name our children!
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