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Judges Step In When Parents Choose Strange Baby Names

Judges Step In When Parents Choose Strange Baby Names

Can you say Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116?

A Swedish judge ruled that a couple there definitely couldn't afflict their new baby with this long-winded moniker. And New Zealand laws ban names which could cause offense to a "reasonable" person, such as Sex Fruit, or for twins, Fish and Chips. Then there's the Japanese parent who was barred from calling his son Devil, and the German couple who were not allowed to name their child Woodstock.

It seems that many countries around the world have strict rules governing the naming of children. 

Read more about them at Yahoo!

What is the most unusual name you've ever heard of?  

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rosemarie35149 rosemarie35149 5 years
i had a friend named hadtocall as his first name you would pronounce it had-to-call his mom said she named her son that cause she did'nt know what name to put down she was told she was haveing a girl and never thought of boy name but when delivery came she had a booy instead of a girl she was gonna nam it liyla until she found out it was a boy my friend got made in front of wich is not fair i told them to stop makeing in front of his name then they just started makeing in front me of how i dress :( so my friend came up with nick name had his mom also told me she had to pick a name within 24 hours her son was born
JennettSwan JennettSwan 5 years
In middle school, there was a girl name Crystal Lear. At graduation, her full name was listed as "Crystal Chanda Lear". I thought it was cute, but understand why she never told anyone her full name. And then there were the Hogg twins, Ima and Ura. Now that was just plain cruel!
DanielleLemire DanielleLemire 5 years
My son's name is Dexter (after the little redheaded boy and his lab from the 90's cartoon), but I also gave him the middle name James, so if he doesn't like his name he van go by Dex or DJ. If a parent chooses to give their child an odd name, it's up to them. Try a different first name, and a common middle name, or vice versa. :)
BrittanyDurrett BrittanyDurrett 5 years
Did anyone read that this was not in America?
ChyannSmith97902 ChyannSmith97902 5 years
Wow,some people don't know anything
WandaCaldwell9729 WandaCaldwell9729 5 years
I think in extreme cases like those stated in the article that it was common sense prevailing. As to the right of the parent, sure, but how would you feel being one of millions of the babies born in India that are routinely given a name that when translated literally means UNWANTED.. no I do not think it wrong for a judge to step in as I would never wish a child to be saddled with an unacceptable name that could cause them mental anguish regardless of the fact that they would be able to have it changed later as an adult because you would never be able to erase what had already been done or said to them.
lisascahill lisascahill 5 years
There ought to be a judge to ban Biblical names. How over-used AND stupid are Biblical names? God, I'm SO sick of them. It would be good riddance to bad names. How many "Mikes" does his world need, anyway? Enough, already.
Nera2525 Nera2525 5 years
Yes parents have the right to name their child, but they should think long and hard before they do that. I was named after my fathers favorite lover, her name was very preaty and the name was popular at the time. My mother never called me by that name and since my parents split when I was four years old it was never used by memebers of family. When I started school at age seven, was the first time that somebody called me by my given name and to their suprise I did not answer to it, insted I just sat in my chair and ignored teachers attempt at use of the name(she was told not to use it). That afternoon I asked my mom about the name and was told the story behind it, I was very hurt that my father would do that and never used the name in my life. He was not realy part of my life ffrom he day I was born, but in some way it actualy made me feel like it was inscest. First chance I had I changed it and you do not have to be 18 to do it, most countries will allow you to use aka for few years and than you can leagaly change the name without parents consent between ages 12 and 16. I feel sorry for kids with weird names, they get picked on most of the time. Centuries ago children were not given names till they were certian age and had personality of their own to some extend, insted they had what was known as birth name or what we call sometimes a monicer. I am 55 now and have known many children who have changed their 60 and 70 fancy names. All non English speaking country have rulles about given names, because the name sometimes will have different meaning in another language.
JessicaBrownell44474 JessicaBrownell44474 5 years
Kristi Kamp said it best!! The people who are against the judges being able to rule on children's names are MORONS!! The most important thing in each situation should be THE CHILD'S WELFARE!! If they have ridiculous names, they are WAY more likely to be picked on and bullied and have social problems before they are even old enough to change their name. (if they choose to) I think it is totally ignorant and stupid for people to say that the parent should be able to name their kid whatever they want. Shame on you!
KristiAnderson KristiAnderson 5 years
Seems to me that some people forget this is America... LAND OF THE FREE! if u really think we should have to apply for baby names your the idiot.... I agree that it is disheartening to think people name their kids such moronic names, but the government has no right to step in.... not in America anyway!
JenniferSchartz JenniferSchartz 5 years
I knew a girl whose name was Chanda Lear.
MadisonStanley MadisonStanley 5 years
Excuse me, if you have carried the child for 10 months, you have EVERY RIGHT to name that child what you want, regardless of the silliness of the name. The child may change the name when they get old enough. This is taking Censorship to a WHOLE new level.
StephanieSicard StephanieSicard 5 years
My kids seem to love their names......... Bad names? Most last names in a foreign language are usually names of things.... Like French, because I am... Jette means through out..... Cunningham an English name means Smart Pig...... So does it mean that our family names are next to be banned? My teenage years we had english teachers trying to pronounce my name and it came out as Stephanie May Suck Hard, meanwhile my last name is Sicard pronounced Sea-Card..... So it's not always your first name that will traumatize you...............
StephanieSicard StephanieSicard 5 years
Well my first son is named Damien and people seem to think he's the son of the Devil. Then my second son is named Zachariah-Axle........
AnitaBuis AnitaBuis 5 years
Wow... so according to all of you my children should be taken from me because my parents feel thaeir names are strange? My daughter has an Cherokee Indian name, and my son is named after a guitar player my husband loves. And what about the African American names? They are not what most would call "normal nice names." Are the parents that named their child Nazis from the 1940's? IF you name your child something and others have a problem with it... too bad and MYOB and name your children what you want. Maybe ask the parent why they chose that particular name before you automatically judge. Maybe little Adolf Hitler Whathislastname's parents were related to the Nazilord and named him that to remind him that everyone has a bad apple on their family tree.
MeganLuck MeganLuck 5 years
it is true some parents do not think about how a name will affect their child or the damage it will do to their emotional balance and well being, it is sad that a judge has to step in for the sake of the child but at least somebody is speaking up for the poor baby.
CoMMember1363115267889 CoMMember1363115267889 5 years
I don't see what's wrong with the name "Woodstock." But I do remember a few years ago there was a story on the evening news about parents who wanted to name their child "Vagina". I don't know if that's the spelling they were using because they were from another country. But in their country and culture it was a perfectly acceptable name. As I recall the story, after much explanation from the nurses and hospital staff about what the name meant in English and the effect it would likely have on their child in future years, they named the baby something else. I don't like judges dictating what we can and can't name our children, but in some cases, I guess it might be ok.
LilaVolner LilaVolner 5 years
I worked in Child Protective Services and received an abuse complaint when a mom named her daughter: Cindy Mirendy Loves Devine Holly Molly Susannah Care Oh Line. I couldn't help, it wasn't against the law!
VickiEbbutt VickiEbbutt 5 years
totally disagree with jennifer on this, if a parents gonna do that they dont deserve there rights
VickiEbbutt VickiEbbutt 5 years
what sorta parent would call there child a stupid name like that?? you cant even actually say it, its so silly thank god the judge stepped in, that poor child would have been teased hard out with a name like that
TrishaHayden TrishaHayden 5 years
I know of a child whose parents named him Shithead. It's pronounced (sha theed) but seriously they shouldn't have been allowed to spell it the way they did.
CrystalMcBride58963 CrystalMcBride58963 5 years
As'shole. Yes, seriously! My friend works in medical records in the local hosiptal and this one seriously came across her desk for a newborn girl. I guess its pronounced a-shelly or ah-sholy. Sad...
MeganThomas79151 MeganThomas79151 5 years
Just because you were given the blessing of being a parent, does not mean that you will be a good parent.
JenniferWheeler68231 JenniferWheeler68231 5 years
It is sad that some people are so thoughtless when it comes to their children that a judge has to step in!!!
AngelaCerone AngelaCerone 5 years
People can be cruel. I have to agree that childhood can be hard enough without the bs of some crazy name. I mean its not like being named after grandma Hilda or something, these are genuinely bad names. FISH and CHIPS...seriously?? Ok not everyone will agree on names and we all have taste preferences, but I have to say Im happy that there are advocates for children out there and that some names are just plain illegal. If Fish decides when he's 18 that that is the coolest name on the planet, guess what??? He can change his name : )
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