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Flying high with more than you can handle? As a mom, I think the best seats on the plane are in the back row. Even before I had children, I like being in the last row because you don't get the sense of being sandwiched between a bunch of other passengers. And, once I had tots, it seemed like the most obvious choice as trips to change diapers or use the restroom inconvenience the least amount of people. Additionally, many fliers don't care to sit in those chairs so there's often extra space. To see what happened on a recent trip,


The other night, I was on a packed flight and looked over to see a mom with a baby on her lap and her tots filling the rest of the row. The three sons were all under the age of five, and one lil guy, who looked about two, was having a mini meltdown. No one on the plane seemed to mind, aside from the fellow sitting in front of him who turned out to be his father. The husband, who had his iPod on, occasionally turned around to tell the boy to be quiet, but it was the wonder woman wife who juggled bottles and cups, snacks and books, and tended to all the tots' needs during the flight. All in all, the children were very well behaved, and I imagine the mama was exhausted. The dad, on the other hand, enjoyed quite the relaxing flight.

Does your family have an air strategy — where to sit or which parent handles what, etc.?

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