Traveling with tots doesn't have to be difficult. The SafeGuard Go Hybrid booster seat ($199) has created a carseat that makes traveling much easier and keeps your child safe.

Classified as a combination carseat, the SafeGuard Go has a five point harness that can be used on a child up to 60 pounds and then converts to a regular booster seat for a child up to 100 pounds. These weight standards far exceed any other combination carseats on the market.

The craftily designed carseat also has a soft back and padded headrest that fits into a convenient lightweight travel carrier case once it's been folded down. Installation is simple and easy, something that comes in handy when you find yourself at a rental car agency at midnight.

An important point: The Safeguard Go, when in five point harness mode, does require the LATCH top tether, which can be found on all 2003 or newer vehicles, so do make sure your rental car has the LATCH system before traveling.