I admit it — growing up, I was one of the kids who jumped off the bleachers at the killer whale show when they asked for a volunteer for it to kiss.

Though I was never selected, the same adolescent excitement pumped through my veins when Busch Entertainment asked me to come down to Orlando and check out their Worlds of Discovery.One of the perks of attending was getting a chance to see the awesome Shamu Rocks show at SeaWorld. If you've never seen a killer whale slow dance, you don't know what you are missing.

Featuring the re-mixed music of Cold Play, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira — the waterworks were nothing short of spectacular. Trainers and whales were flying through the air, plunging underwater, surfing, and I kid you not, slow dancing together. The black and white beauties were surprisingly light on their fins.

And, there wasn't just one couple (whale and trainer) rocking, there were two, a live band and a crowd going wild — not to mention the flashing kid-friendly light-up Shamu necklaces.

Whether your child is an aspiring marine biologist or just one that won't keep quiet, this is a must see. It's a unique combination— part concert, aquarium exhibit, light show and shower (if you sit in the section closest to the tank — you WILL get wet).

The half hour show is included in the price of SeaWorld admission. Kids ages 10 and over cost $68, those ages three to nine are $58, and children two and under are free. Discounts are also available.