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Junior Jetset: Would You Fly on a Children's Airline?

Junior Jetset: Would You Fly on a Children's Airline?

A friend and I were talking about taking our four kids on a four-hour flight to visit another friend. All of our children are under five so that sense of panic set in even entertaining the idea of being in the air that long with a bunch of youngsters. Then, for a split second, I dared to dream about a child-friendly carrier that not only tolerated tots, but targeted them. An airline that would have the interactive seats like Virgin, but sell rice milk, juice boxes, burpers and toys from the touch screen, show Disney movies and play tot rock. To see the other reasons why it would be wonderful for wee ones,


The stewards would dress in costumes and sing and dance as they passed out applesauce and cheerios. No one would cringe when a baby cried or give the death stare when shrieks came from a small fry. There would be no first class or coach, just family seating without the armrests to dig into your sides when you reached into your diaper bag. And, there would be space to comfortably accommodate nursing, sleeping babies and lil walkers wanting to stretch. Waiting to board at the airport would not be about harnessing your wee ones, but letting them loose on the indoor play structure far away from the business men and women typing on their laptops and catching naps or the miserably unhappy travelers that dismiss lil ones as beasts. Oh, what a wonderful world that would be. Do you have dream features to add?

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