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Just a Minute: Edible Garlands

If you're a last minute tree trimmer like me, then you have probably entered the race to finish things by Christmas. If you don't feel like digging the ornament boxes out of storage and need to occupy the kids, head to the kitchen and make some edible garlands. Pop some popcorn and grab a couple of bags of cranberries and start stringing! The kids will love sampling the treats and your tree will be decorated in no time. Got a real lil one that isn't interested in the task, hand them a box of wrapped candy canes to hook on the tree. Need instruction? To see how to make an edible garland

Old Fashioned Popcorn and Cranberry Garland
From Craftmodo

You will need:

  • Cranberries, fresh
  • Popcorn - air-popped is best, or microwave popcorn that is natural and not salted or buttered. The popcorn you string should be a day old, fresh popcorn breaks too easily. Make extra as the kids will inevitably consume it as they work.
  • Heavy duty sewing thread. Waxed dental floss is another choice for the string, it won’t break and can make it easier to slid the cranberries on
  • Sewing needle. If you don’t want the kids to use a needle, try a toothpick. Securing the string to the toothpick is trickier but can be done
  • You will need long lengths of thread. Tie a knot at one end and thread the other end through the needle. Each child can work on one length of garland and they can be tied together when they are finished, just leave a couple of inches extra thread at the top when you tie off.
  • Push the needle through the cranberry and then slide it down the length of the thread to the knotted end. Next do the same with a piece of popcorn. Continue alternating cranberries and popcorn until you have finished the garland length. Tie them all together and hang the garland on the tree.
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sweetk8ty76 sweetk8ty76 9 years
Cute idea! Not doing it, but cute!
Rally-RE Rally-RE 9 years
great idea if you have kids ... if i were to do that my dogs would eat the tree :)
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