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Karito Kids

Wee Are the World: Karito Kids

While American Girls tell the stories of our nation through the eyes of little girls growing up during different eras, another brand of dolls celebrates the world's cultures. Karito Kids is a line of six dolls ($100 each) and accompanying books ($11) that showcase different cultures. Representing African-American, Caucasian, Latin and Mediterranean ethnicities, the life-like dolls each come with a storybook about their character, which includes a journal entry.

When purchasing the dolls, you have the opportunity to help introduce the concept of charity to your lil one. Each package comes with a code that can be entered online to activate a donation of three percent of the retail cost to one of four charitable causes — home, health, food or school.

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oneworld oneworld 8 years
Thanks to Graylen for the perspective. As one of the founders it was our goal to provide the opportunity for kids to embrace the beauty of diversity and offer a way to help a less fortunate child through a direct donation chosen by the child who receives the gift. As a parent or gift giver it is certainly an opportunity to provide a super high quality product (which won the #1 toy of the year)for extended play value. The doll & book come packaged together for $100. And, as Graylen mentioned above we did launch with a $20 doll which offers the same website interaction. Something for everyone and all that we hope for is action to help children in need.
graylen graylen 8 years
If my mother is going to buy my child a $100 American Girl doll, I'd rather her buy this doll and have it be something I can talk about what the charity means with my daughter, read the book about another culture together, etc. I went to the site that's linked and it looks like there are also a lot of games, learning tools, etc and info about where my child would like to direct her donation. If I was in the market, I'd certainly prefer this one over one that was just to play with. Looks like there is a cheaper small doll line I'd consider for my young niece- thanks, lil!
Greggie Greggie 8 years
So you spend $100 to show your kids how to donate $3? I'd prefer to buy a $20 doll and donate $80 to show my kids the concept of charity.
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