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Kate Gosselin's Special on TLC

"Kate: Her Side" Special

Jon and Kate Plus 8 may be over, but the saga is not. For every story there are usually two sides and last night viewers got a glimpse of Kate Gosselin's point of view on her family's drama. Whether you're on Team Kate, Team Jon, or neither, the TLC special provides another perspective on the woman who's gone from a regular mom to a tabloid staple. Take the quiz to see how well you watched Kate's side of the story.

Can't get enough of the Gosselins? For more on the whole crew, visit the Jon and Kate Plus 8 group over in our LilSugar Community!

Source: TLC

"Kate: Her Side" Special

What birth order is Kate Gosselin in her own upbringing?

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vinnie vinnie 7 years
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Kate, your 15 minutes are long over. Please, please go away.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
good lord.. this woman needs to shut up and stop going on tv. It's embarrassing to watch. Enough is enough. Your marriage is over, your kids have grown up totally in the spotlight, the show has exploited NORMAL childhood experiences, the good and bad, and it's over now. Just walk away and let them have as normal a life as they can before they start freaking out under the pressure.
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