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Do You Agree With Kate Gosselin's Statement on Spanking?

TLC's star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 recently responded to the reports and photos released of the mother whacking her 5-year-old daughter Leah on the behind outside the Gosselin's abode over the weekend. Kate's reps issued this statement on the incident to Life & Style. She said:

Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first. I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation.

Sixty-nine percent of lilsugar readers said they were spankers, what is your opinion of the mom of eight's statement?

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TineBrok TineBrok 4 years
A society that says that it is illegal to hit other people when they are adults cannot possibly say that hitting the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society is perfectly fine. If it is assault when done to an adult, it is assault when done to a child, whether that child is yours or not. There are over 30 countries that have banned any sort of corporal punishment for children, and some of these nations did so over 30 years ago. In these countries attitudes to corporal punishment have changed drastically. In Denmark, for instance, it is simply unheard of to hit your child, you just wouldn't do it. It is also illegal. Resorting to physical violence to make your point is a failure of parenting, it is a failure of leadership, and it reflects a parent who does not understand that there are other options and other extremely successful approaches to child rearing. Children who are treated with respect and who's parents are involved with them, setting boundaries as appropriate but not by using fear or intimidation, are generally vastly more co-operative and pro-social than those who are frightened into submission. The word 'discipline' means 'to teach'. What are you teaching your child when you hit them? That those who are bigger and stronger get what they want? That children are not as valuable or to be respected? That the way to solve your problems with other people is by intimidating them and using violence? I do not accept that there is a difference between violence used for discipline and violence that is abuse. The difference is only of degree, not of kind. Parents who use physical means to 'discipline' children are missing out on a deeper more co-operative and trusting relationship with their children, and their children are missing out on the opportunity to develop vital social skills in a way that includes them in the process rather than attempts to force them to comply without real understanding.
prestopink prestopink 8 years
I do believe in spanking only when it is absolutely appropriate, and your child has done something so wrong, that could put them in danger, they must remember a way to not put themselves in danger. We have not "baby-proofed" our house, i do not believe in "baby-proofing", if my daughter goes near a plug or picks up a chemical bottle she would expect some sort of spanking. Now, she knows better, and she never touched things that can put her in danger.
twilightlover1 twilightlover1 8 years
1 of you said that spakings were not child abuse but the way my dad spanked me you would have a complete different view. I am not old enough to have children but i do know for sure that spanking will not be my form of discipline. I am not saying at all that spanking is wrong its just not my method. I dont like the idea hitting or popping a child at all but she did it outside where the paparazzi could put it in tabloids.Her buisness could have been taken care of in another matter and she was wrong!!
clareberrys clareberrys 8 years
I'm not against spanking and I would have said that Kate's actions were fine until I read the story behind WHY she spanked the child (if it is true). I feel like spanking a child because they did not stop blowing a whistle when asked is inappropriate.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
bluebloom said "Whatever your views on spanking, someone who is prone to hitting as a form of communication ("affectionate" or not) should NOT be using spanking to discipline her children." I agree completely with this. I do not spank my children. My oldest was the only one who I ever tried it with -it was not an effective means of discipline so I stopped and I never used it with any of her 3 younger siblings either. There are other very effective forms of discipline besides hitting. I will point out too and I don't know if it's related or not but my children are not "hitters" unlike many of the other children I see them hanging around with at school (and I don't know if those childrens parents spank them or not, so I don't know if it's a direct correlation but it's possible I think).
vinnie vinnie 8 years
I have to admit she looked angry when she was doing it, but I wasn't there. Nothing these people do is my business and I wished I wasn't subjected to their daily lives!! GO AWAY!!
bluebloom bluebloom 8 years
So many people are commenting on spanking in general. Let's talk about Kate Gosselin spanking. If you've watched the show, you've seen the footage of her and Jon during the interviews. She's a hitter. Maybe she calls them "love taps," but there have been plenty of times when Jon has said "Ow!" after receiving a "love tap." Whatever your views on spanking, someone who is prone to hitting as a form of communication ("affectionate" or not) should NOT be using spanking to discipline her children.
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
I agree with the posters who believe that there is a difference between child abuse and spanking. I was spanked as a child by my mom and now as a twenty year old, I have an amazing amount of love and respect for her. My mom never went over the line, but she ensured that I would remember the consequences for my actions. Like any form of punishment for children, there is a right way to go about spanking and a wrong way. I believe that holding off from spanking when you are angry, determining the right amount of force necessary, and always speaking to your child about their actions (whether you choose to spank on that ocassion or not) are key. I think that children need to know why they are being punished, and what they should do differently next time. Overall punishments (whatever your form of punishment) should be learning experiences.
jules1574 jules1574 8 years
There is absolutely nothing wrong with spanking your children. I got spanked and believe me I turned out perfectly fine.
kristyy kristyy 8 years
My parents never spanked us to injure us. It was a tap on the butt or hand, but the idea of getting spanked really scared us. (I hurt myself more walking into walls and such - I'm a klutz!) I had a very happy childhood and am a well-adjusted adult. There was absolutely no harm done to me from the spanking. Before we got spanked, we were sat down and explained why we were being punished. I think that's the key - to understand what you did wrong and be punished for it. The spanking stopped as we got older, but the fear and remorse of doing something wrong stuck with us. I will certainly spank my kids if they misbehave, but you need to do it within reasons where it's not physically abusive and the kid learns what s/he did wrong. Those that claim this is bad parenting aren't doing it right. I agree that not all parents are effective at this and could use a course in parenting in general. I've seen enough bratty kids where time-outs don't work. (I'd like to spank them myself!) A lot of kids nowadays could use a good spanking.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
the pictures on "in touch" magazine of kate spanking the little girl look bad ... probably worse than it actually was. i guess she doesn't care that people are constantly around her and snapping pics of everything she does. but, if the story that i read was true - she was mad because the little girl blew the whistle after being told not to do it again. seems kate could have just taken the whistle instead of whacking her. but, that's just my opinion.
HTCmom HTCmom 8 years
I have two-year old triplets and although, I'm not a fan of spanking there have been times when it happens. Sometimes time-out doesn't work. I too saw the pictures of Leah & must say, she didn't look devistated, she was getting a spanking, all of my children act like you're cutting off a limb if you spank them. Kids are dramatic about everything, so of course disciplining causes a dramatic response, btw, time-outs can cause just as much drama. Not sure if I like Kate or not, but definitely feel she has a right to discipline as she sees fit. I'm not one to judge, I don't walk in her shoes.
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