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Kegels Don't Work

Do Kegels Work?

Delivering a human being vaginally will forever change a woman's anatomy — for better or worse. For one woman who gave birth to 10 and 12-pound babies, the alterations were noticeable. Wanting to regain her prebaby bod, she consulted surgeon David Matlock. The two appeared on The View and discussed the reasons for and results of the procedure.

All in a day's work, Dr. Matlock performed surgery on mother of two Violet Estrada to tighten her vaginal muscles. Cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck wondered why kegels wouldn't have the same results. Dr. Matlock said (take a deep breath you kegel lovers!) they just don't work.

Did kegels help you regain or maintain strength down south?

TashaM TashaM 8 years
As a physical therapist who did extensive research to find a solution that worked, I agree that the Kegel exercise is the cornerstone exercise for the pelvic floor. But, doing Kegels is simply not enough to strengthen and give optimal support to the pelvic floor. It is critical that women also perform the second action of the pelvic floor muscles - to elevate the pelvic floor, as if there is a string attached from the belly button to the pelvic floor and you are drawing it up into your pelvic outlet. If women are performing this second action correctly, they will feel their belly button draw in as they elevate the pelvic floor muscles. I call these Quick Flicks! Finally, the missing link of information is the collaboration of the entire “abdominal basket” of muscles that work together for optimal function of our pelvic floor. This includes lower abdominals, deep hip rotators, lower back muscles, and inner thighs that all work together to stabilize the abdominal core, including the pelvic floor. The odds of addressing pelvic floor weakness are greatly increased if all three components – the Kegel, pelvic floor elevation, and the strengthening of the entire “abdominal basket” – are addressed. And really, what women doesn't feel the need to address her abs! Women need to know that for most of them, their problems are muscular and can be rehabbed just as you would a knee or a shoulder. Invasive intervention should defintely not be a first step. As someone who knows, firsthand, the symptoms of incontinence and prolapse, I also know firsthand the power of physical therapy as a viable option to being able to return to running and jumping symptom-free. I had so many friends and clients asking me for help -- I finally wrote it down, filmed myself and put out a dvd call Hab It: Pelvic Floor.
Indigo4320 Indigo4320 9 years
I have often wondered if kegels are'd be nice to see something concrete on the issue.
Indigo4320 Indigo4320 9 years
There is no rule stating only women with children can frequent the lilsugar site. I don't have children now but plan to in the it's helpful to read up on these things now in preparation for the event that I do have a child. Glowingmoon didn't say she would never have children, just that she's child-free right now by choice. Kegels also aren't exclusive to the formerly pregnant...they can be useful to women who just want things as tight as can be, naturally. I'm with the above posters who say this guy is just pumping our ears full of crap to promote his elective surgery.
macgirl macgirl 9 years
You are correct she didn't say anything about that, which should teach me not to pick up the computer after a glass of wine- my apologies. I guess I just totally understand why someone who is child free by choice (I am pretty sure I have seen that identical post from her quite a few times on continues to come to a site like this. I know it's a free world and all it just seems odd.
ohjeeze ohjeeze 9 years
Relax macgirl. I think Glowingmoon was just saying she was happy she did not have to worry about things like that since she is child free by choice. She never said she was tighter than anyone, why does it even matter?
macgirl macgirl 9 years
glowingmoon- doesn't mean you are tighter than me just because you are child free by choice. Hubby's ex wife had no kids and wasn't as snug as could be. Maybe, and I am just sayin'- if you are child free by choice than maybe there are other sugar sites that are better suited for you? Seems you are awfuly active on sites that have no interest for you? It's like me going on geeksugar and professing how I am technology free by choice....
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
This is shocking to me. I'm glad I'm child-free by choice.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
Seriously, why would I believe this doctor? His goal is to get more patients in for "reconstructive" surgery. Sure, it may be necessary in some cases, but to say kegels absolutely don't work for anyone is flat-out ignorant. I've always done them as part of my NFP practice, and other than the first few weeks after my first son was born, I've never had any problems.
macgirl macgirl 9 years
When I had my first son the difference post delivery was frightening. I did them and got the vajajay back into fighting shape. With baby number two (even with the 20 minute crowning incident waiting for the doctor to show) within 4 weeks I was testing it out and just fine. I'm a believer in the Kegel..
BlairBear BlairBear 9 years
I tried and tried to do them after having my son because he ripped me a new one (literally) but they never worked, for me, so I stopped.
keiren63 keiren63 9 years
Gosh golly--some "doctor" who makes his living doing unnecessary surgery on women's vaginas said kegels don't work? Well, I'll certainly be taking his word!! Seriously though--by baby three, I was shocked when, at five months preggers, I laughed at something someone said...and...well I wasn't happy. I did my kegels faithfully after that and I've not had a problem since (I had a fourth child after that). I've always joked that if I ever had to do a Public Service Announcement it would be to tell women to do their kegels. The man is a menace...trying to convince women to do this surgery.
foxie foxie 9 years
For better or worse... -better or.
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