All a youngster needs to hear is the words, "swimming pool," to dash in and slip into a bathing suit. For parents, an open body of water means entertaining the "what ifs" that can cause stress and panic. Even well skilled wee swimmers fall victim to tragedy in an unsupervised pool.

Gossip Girl's very pregnant Kelly Rutherford is in a battle with her estranged husband, Daniel Giersch, over pool safety at his residence. Concerned for her 2-year-old son, Hermes' safety, the actress went as far as hiring a private eye to tape her ex's home for three days to illustrate the danger his uncovered pool poses to their young son. In court documents, Giersch said:

Hermes is not in any danger whatsoever with regard to my pool because I have the pool fully covered with an automatic pool cover. Hermes has no access to the pool area unless I take him to the pool myself.

Would you allow your child to stay or visit a home with an uncovered pool?