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If your tot is older than a year, chances are he's tried to copy either your behavior or speech. Adorable at first, it can be a tad harrowing when it's a four letter word that slips from his mouth. In this clip, the lil man is apparently mimicking his father's phone conversations with the cable company.

Does your tot shadow you?

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jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
It's so disconcerting to hear something horrible pop out of their mouths. :O That little boy was too funny! The subtitle translations were great. Last winter, my then 3 year old son kept saying "Man, it's freaking cold out here!" and I kept telling him that wasn't a nice way to say it. He kept arguing with me that freaking is a nice word, Mommy! I finally figured out he was saying freezing and he was right, that is a nice word. :rotfl:
crankypantsknits crankypantsknits 9 years
I will never forget when my son was 2, he smacked his head on his bead and (after the crying subsided) blurted out "That f***ing hurt!". That's when we knew we had to really work on cleaning up our potty mouths.
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