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Kid Catches Mom Eating Ice Cream and Writes Angry Note

Kid Writes Angry Letter After Catching His Mom Eating Ice Cream He Wasn't Allowed to Have

After telling her kids they couldn't have any ice cream, Sarah Cottrell pulled the ultimate mom card and indulged in a few scoops of ice cream herself — and then she got caught. Her 7-year-old, who now identifies himself as her "arch enemy," felt hurt and betrayed enough by his mom's choices that he wrote her an angry note.

"I got busted eating ice cream after telling the kids they couldn't have any," she wrote in a post to her Facebook page, Housewife Plus. "So my 7-year-old left me this note: 'Dear Mom, I'm wondering why I don't get what I want and you get what [you] want? Well, kids should too! Your arch enemy, Finn.' So, let that be a lesson, don't get busted eating ice cream by your 7-year-old who just got lectured about . . . you guessed it . . . eating ice cream. . . The creases are because he folded the note into an airplane and threw it at me. He was trying to 'make a point,' he told me. Ha!"

Unfortunately for Finn, this is definitely just the first of the many "life's not fair" experiences he'll have in his life, but fortunately for Sarah, this note is a memory she'll likely savor for years to come (and likely read out at his wedding).

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