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Healthy and Packable Snacks That Make Long Road Trips Fun

Aug 7 2012 - 1:22pm

There's nothing worse than a whining, hungry kid stuck in the car. But with the right preparation, your next road trip can be whine-free thanks to some cleverly packed snacks. Stocking the car with small goodies is a wonderful way to keep kids busy when there are miles of open road still ahead. As an added bonus, some of these treats even help prevent car sickness [1]!

Snack Muffins

Perfect for breakfast on the go or an afternoon treat, snack muffins make handy road trip eats. Stirring in fresh fruits keeps things healthy and offers a bit of sweetness. Prepurchase muffins before your road trip and pack in small wrapped boxes for a real treat. Or make your own! This recipe [2] from YumSugar for blueberry corn muffins is sure to be a road trip hit.

Source: YumSugar [3]

Fruit Rolls

Fruit rolls are so fun and take up hardly any room in your snack bag. Your kids will savor every bite while unwinding these fun treats. Pick up your favorite brand at the grocery store or try making your own. This recipe [4] from Against All Grain is easier than you think — and rolls the fun out by the foot!

Source: Against All Grain [5]

Frozen Grapes

Your kids will love this twist on the basic grape. Wash and dry grapes and then remove from stem. Place handfuls in small zip-top plastic bags and pop into the freezer the night before your road trip. Use for keeping things chilled in your cooler — as well as offering as a frozen snack! Remember to cut grapes in half to keep things safe for smaller tots.

Source: Flickr User Horia Varian [6]

Granola Bars

Granola bars are full of healthy oats, which keep little tummies full. Make things super sweet with the addition of chocolate chips. Pick your family's favorite flavor of granola bar at the grocery store or make your own with this quick and easy recipe from YumSugar [7].

Source: YumSugar [8]

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits divided and doled out in small baggies are a sweet road trip treat. Most grocery stores carry different kinds of dehydrated fruits, but you can also try making your own. Get the kids in the kitchen and make a batch of baked apple chips [9] a couple of days before your trip. Make an edible necklace by stringing on a length of string for an exciting road trip snack.

Source: Brandy's Crafts [10]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Crescent Rolls

Hand the kiddies a sandwich that won't make a mess in the backseat with this tasty twist on the regular PB&J. With only a few ingredients needed, this recipe [11] from Alli 'N Sons will be a big lunchtime hit on your next long road trip!
Source: Alli 'N Sons [12]

Candied Ginger

With a sweet and spicy flavor, candied ginger is a flavorful treat that also chases away car sickness [13]. Pick some up at the store or make your own [14]. Not excited about candied ginger? Whip up a batch of homemade ginger ale [15] to take along as a bubbly sweet drink.

Source: YumSugar [16]

Snack Mix

No road trip would be complete without a tasty snack mix! Purchase your favorite mix at the store and package in small take-out containers. Or get your child in the kitchen and toss together homemade Cracker Jacks [17].

Source: YumSugar [18]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Finish a long day of travel with a few chocolate chip cookies! Either bake a batch [19] with your child before your road trip or head to your local bakery for a few of your favorites to tuck away for the end of a long driving day treat.

Source: Sarah Lipoff [20]

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