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5 Kid-Friendly Recipes That Will Score a Touchdown at Your Super Bowl Party

Feb 4 2012 - 9:38am

There won't be any penalties for serving up kid-friendly food on Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, once kids are in the picture Super Bowl parties can take on a more family-friendly atmosphere — a little less gambling and a little more attention being paid to the commercials — but that doesn't mean traditional football food won't make it onto the table. I spoke with Sarah Carey, editor in chief of Martha Stewart [1]'s Everyday Food, about how to make the traditional Super Bowl menu into a tot-friendly affair. Check out her tips and recipes!

Buffalo Chicken

Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey says, "Spice things up on game day with these buffalo drumsticks [2]. While you're cooking the chicken, recruit a young helper to stir together the sauce."

Photo by Victoria Pearson. Courtesy of Everyday Food [3] magazine. Copyright 2012.

Spicy-Sweet Pretzel Mix

Sarah Carey suggests adding "sugar and spice to turn pretzels and nuts into an irresistible snack [4]. Have the kids mix together the nuts and pretzels while you make the coating."

Photo by Reed Davis. Courtesy of Everyday Food [5] magazine. Copyright 2012.

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins

Don't skip the potato skins on the big day, just make them lighter. Sarah Carey says, "Loaded potato skins are usually piled with cheese and sour cream. This version [6] is just as tasty, but better for you. Nutrient-rich sweet potatoes and lighter toppings make this a dish you can feel good about. Kids can help scoop and mash the potato flesh and add the garnishes."

Photo by Marcus Nilsson. Courtesy of Everyday Food [7] magazine. Copyright 2012.

Eight-Layer Dip

Sarah Carey also has a recommendation for one of the most popular dishes of the day. "How to top your favorite seven-layer dip? With this eight-layer dip [8]! This dish doesn’t call for any cooking — you do the chopping and have your kids layer everything in the dish."

Photo by Roland Bello. Courtesy of Everyday Food [9] magazine. Copyright 2012.

Mini Cheeseburgers

An all-American game deserves an all-American meal! Sarah Carey says, "These sliders [10] are just the right size for kids — but grown-ups will love them, too. Set out the toppings and condiments and let everyone choose their own."

Photo by Con Poulos. Courtesy of Everyday Food [11] magazine. Copyright 2012.

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