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Kid Photos That Blew Us Away (PHOTOS)

Kid Photos That Blew Us Away (PHOTOS)

We're in love with this gallery of funny family photos from a Bay Area dad, Jason Lee, and think you'll be smitten, too!

As MyModernMet reported back in 2010, Jason got serious about creating great pictures of his kids when his mother was being treated for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. At the time, his two little girls were at the ages when kids catch a million colds, and he couldn't risk exposing his mother to their sniffles and sneezes. Instead of visits, he started a photo blog for his mom and began creating and posting the most whimsical, happy portraits of siblings we've ever seen.

Have a look we're sure Jason's pictures will put a smile on your face.

Thank you Jason Lee!

See more photos (

Image Source: Jason Lee via

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CatherineDenny CatherineDenny 5 years
Kindof bummed - I can't follow the link. Keep getting error messages
KateKelava KateKelava 5 years
Seriously, Christine--Photoshop! These kids hardly look exploited. These pictures are hilarious and they are lucky to have such a creative dad!
TriciaMori TriciaMori 5 years
I suppose it depends what century you live in if you look at these pictures and actually believe they are real or not. Judging from the smiles on the kids faces, I think they weren't actually put in the laundry machine or carryng impossible loads of laundry! I think the pictures were cute and hilarious!
JaimeDarrah JaimeDarrah 5 years
have you ever heard of photoshop?? I don't think that little girl was really ducked tape to the wall, just like she really wasn't lifting a couch or standing under a giant coffeemaker.
ChristineKing15436 ChristineKing15436 5 years
I am confused to see how Circle of Mums can exploit this photo of a kid DUCT TAPED to a wall - and find it good - when a Nebraska couple in 2010 were convicted & sentenced for doing the same thing for fun & the kid taken away .... is there 2 sets of standards here?
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