What offers kiddos the crunch of a cookie and the fun of a lollipop? A fellow Sugar staffer was inspired by the website The Decorated Cookie and created what she promises is a simple party favor — sugar cookies on sticks. She says:

I am by no means an expert baker, but I'd seen this cookies on sticks phenomenon on a couple websites and realized they are the ideal bite-sized treat. The project took about two hours (I made about 50 cookies!), but the end result was a personalized, inexpensive and sweet party favor that elicited ohhhhsss and awwwwws from all the kids and parents at the party. I decorated the cookies with sprinkles, hearts and the letter "C" in honor of the birthday girl's name.

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Don't be afraid to cheat a little. Instead of making the cookies from scratch, try a frozen pre-made cookie dough you just have to bake like popsicle sticks (these can be found at a local craft or party store). The Decorated Cookie site has recipes for both the cookies and hard frosting. If you want to go natural, use natural food coloring from the health food store. The color of the cookies will be a bit pastel and muted (like the ones pictured here), but you can rest easy that there's no red dye.