My lil girl turned one this past weekend. I have been to a few parties and witnessed all the hullabaloo that was supposedly for baby. The expectations and excitement were high, but my budget was low. I couldn't stomach spending a month's paycheck for a party my darling won't even remember.

At one party I attended, the little girl was presented with a fondant cake. I didn't even order a fondant cake for my wedding. Don't get me wrong — they are beautiful, but, what happened to the good old days of making your own or buying a sheet cake from the local grocer?

Sheet cakes are my favorite because you can get creative with them. I bought a white cake and had my daughter's picture printed on the white icing. I only had to give the baker a 4x6 photo and one day notice.

Like most one-year-olds, my daughter loves seeing her own reflection so it was literally the icing on the cake. She dove into it and giggled. That's what birthdays are about. Sorry expensive fondant cake, you lose.