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Would you welcome strangers into your home when your wee one was sick? How about encouraging your tot to share licks of a lollipop or a sippy cup with another who was under the weather? Or shipping your child's pajamas across the country in the wild hope that the kid who wears them gets your lil one's ailment? This is what New York mamas are doing to try and get their youngsters to contract the chicken pox. A recent New York Post piece focused on chicken pox parties, soirees parents are throwing to spread the illness so their children do not have to get the chicken pox vaccine required to get into the New York school system. It said:

Since 1999, kindergartners entering school in New York state must have had either the virus or the varicella vaccine, which protects against both chicken pox and shingles. But with recent public controversy concerning a possible link between vaccines and autism, some parents are turning to pox parties to protect their kids—by making them sick.

Aside from making your child uncomfortable, pediatricians also warn that, "Most of the time chicken pox is a mild disease, but you can die from the complications." What's your take — are you down with the craze or think chicken pox parties are plain crazy?

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