Add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving celebration. Cooking the meal and getting everything ready is usually left to the adults, so let your children chip in by making festive place cards. These adorable lil art pieces will customize your decor while allowing junior to bring something special to the table.

To see how to easily create turkey place cards with your lil one, just


List of things you need:

  • Nontoxic ink pad or paint
  • Blank place cards or cut squares (about 5 inches x 3 inches) of plain white paper folded in half
  • Markers

Steps to make the place cards:

  • Press a thumb into the inkpad or into the paint and then on paper to print a turkey's body. Use the same technique with fingertips other than the thumb to create a head and feathers. Your child can give the turkey as little or as many feathers as he'd like.
  • Once the turkey's body, head, and feathers are dry, draw on a beak, wattle, and feet (and any other decorative touches he'd like) using the markers. Write the guests' names on the cards and place at the table.

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