When I was a youngin', one of my favorite holiday activities was making cloved oranges with my mother and sister. It's a fun project that will make your house smell delicious.

All you need are oranges, whole cloves, and a skewer or push pin. Clearly, as the adult, you will be in charge of the sharp object.

Take your orange and decide what pattern you want to make with the cloves. Once you decide that, use the sharp object to poke the orange skin and create your pattern. Now, you can pass the orange onto your lil one and let them push in the cloves where the needle marks are. The fruit will dry up and tighten those cloves in about 2 weeks. Until then, place them all in a bowl or on a plate for a beautiful centerpiece, as featured on Martha Stewart Living.

You can also do this with lemons, limes, and apples to add a little variety. If you want to get fancy, tie ribbons around the finished fruit.