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Kids Accused of Trying to Kill Student With Nut Allergy

Cruel Kids Nearly Kill Classmate With Nut Allergy

A high school student in Sweden nearly died from an allergic reaction to nuts at the hands of some cruel students. Although the school posted a notification that Linn Jurnberg had a nut allergy, authorities believe her fellow students were "stockpiling" nuts and slipped a hazelnut into the girl's water when she wasn't looking. "Either the student who did this is completely stupid or it's attempted manslaughter," the principal says.

What do you think: was it a malicious act or misaligned prank? Read the whole story about the incident at The Stir.

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JulieEllis42125 JulieEllis42125 3 years
I think they should act like they are going to charge the kids who did it with attempted murder to teach them a lesson. Let them squirm for a while and realize just how bad life could get for them so they never do something so stupid and heartless again.
TracyStuart TracyStuart 3 years
I don't have allergies nor does anyone in my family have allergies. As a kid, I never quite understood how bad this can be. To me, it was sneezing or itching or whatnot. During playtime in elementary school, we were all goofing around and I threw an eraser. It, of course, happened to hit a boy who had severe chalk allergies. He ended up in the hospital. Afterwards, of course, I felt like I nearly killed the boy and was ashamed. I would, at least on the surface, give these kids some benefit of the doubt for being ignorant about how severe allergies can be. Maybe they were being petty about something the student with allergies said/did and thought this would be a way for paybacks without fully comprehending how drastic their actions were. Of course, if they DO understand and still did it, please charge them with all the law allows!
BeFitMom BeFitMom 3 years
As a parent of a child with a severe nut alergy, this was something I worried about, a lot. Children and teens, are unable to fully grasp the potential outcomes of their actions. The frontal cortex, or "thinking brain" does not fully mature until age 22. Sad that the school felt a need to identify a specific individual, rather than creating a safer, across the board, no nut policy. BeFit-Mom
missnanny missnanny 3 years
I certainly hope that the parents of the victim and the parents of the idiots that did this have a nice sit down with the school and the police. These kids need to be taught about allergies and the consequences of their actions. I know there are many people out there who consider allergies a joke - they are not! They have very serious consequences if ignored or as in this case, treated as a joke.
CoMMember1361171100333 CoMMember1361171100333 3 years
The student who did that should be severely punished! Never mess with allergies, they could be life threatening if you don't know how severe the allergy really is.
EmiliaKoiler1370721671 EmiliaKoiler1370721671 3 years
There was a notification... And you don't just ACCIDENTALY STICK A NUT IN SOMEONES WATER BOTTLE even as a prank! That is a stupid prank that no one would attempt. Malicious kids should be charged for attempted manslaughter no one is that cruel.
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