My babe is at the stage where she repeats EVERYTHING I say. It's fun most of the time, but can be a tad harrowing when someone drops a four–letter word in front of her.

Somehow my motherly instincts have severely curbed my cursing, but every now and again, I let one slip.

Just the other night she caught me by surprise as she dropped the "F" bomb. Shocked and appalled, I didn't know what to do. At 17–months–old, what good does scolding her for bad language do? And besides that, it wasn't her fault that she learned it and was simply repeating it. It was just like any other word.

To find out what happened,


As I stared at her with wide eyes and dropped jaw, she reached forward and grabbed her frog and again said the "F" word. Much relieved, I excitedly said, "Yes! Frog! F–R–O–G!"

Phew. A close call for sure. It was a good reminder to mind my P's and Q's.