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Kids Dental Health Quiz

Test Your Kiddie Dental Knowledge

Children have the most radiant smiles, keep them flaunting their pearly whites with trips to the dentist. Take this test and see how much you know about dental hygiene for lil darlings.

Test Your Kiddie Dental Knowledge

Children should get a new toothbrush every _____.

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momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
yowza! i need to change my toothbrush!
Livvy-P Livvy-P 8 years
yikes, that was hard! 2/5. i think that all dentists tell you something different, so some of these responses were kind of subjective. I mean, my dentist just tells me to replace my toothbrush (or the toothbrush head on my electric) when I notice that it is getting worn, he never gave me a timeline.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
child #3 started her orthodontic journey at 6 1/2, so i wouldn't wait until 7. my kids are having their braces in 2 phases, with the first expanding their jaws so they don't need to have teeth pulled later. after age 10 you can't expand the jaw.
BlairBear BlairBear 9 years
I've also been told every 1-2 months for my kiddies. So, that's the one I got wrong. My kids are pretty good brushers but my youngest wants nothing to do with it. They even like to floss!
Ericka Ericka 9 years
Yah I've been told at the most 2 months for replacing my toothbrush.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
We've had two pediatric dentists and both have said to get new toothbrushes every month, so I got that one wrong. Our regular dentist says it for my husband and I as well. We've always gotten new toothbrushes the first Friday of every month. I also got the age of the evaluation wrong because here they require it to enter kinder, so I figured it was age 5. Unfortunately my kids have inherited my teeth, and no matter how diligent we are, they require work. And my 5-year-old fell and knocked his two front teeth so hard that they turned brown and had to be pulled. Although I enjoy seeing his toothless grin and knowing it'll be a few years before he grows them back.
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