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Kids Exhausted by Excitement?

Another holiday is drawing to a close, but parents know all too well that its worst effects are reaching their zenith. Namely, our kids are exhausted by excitement: wound as tight as springs and sugared up within an inch of their lives. Late night family parties, sleeping in footies in the car, and getting up at 3 a.m. to see if Santa came? Join the club, folks. It's far from business as usual here at Team Naps Happen.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of letting my kids sleep wherever they fall; as long as it's safe, mind you. The nap I captured the other day, however, seemed an especially good illustration of how tired our kids can get during these unstructured times of the year, and how they'll just find that sleep wherever they can get it. My little guy started by hiding under the table, playing a game on my Android. Moments later, he had crashed out and was peacefully snoozing on the carpet.

Parents whose kids only sleep in their beds may shake their heads in amazement, asking how I could possibly tire a child out, to the point where he goes belly-up under the coffee table. Consider, however, that this refreshing little catnap happened with no tears, no confinement to his bedroom, and on his own terms; however strange those terms may be!


Naturally, this type of kamikaze napping is not for everyone. Every kid is different, and some children really need their beds in order to get a good rest. I'm here, however, to advocate for a little permissiveness in the routine during this hectic, yet wonderful, time of year; because it truly can be wonderful. The memories your children are making now will shape the holiday traditions they carry into their lives with them and pass onto their children. For my part, I'd rather make those memories with less stress over sticking to schedules and rules and more faith in my sons' abilities to decide when it's time to snatch a snooze in an unorthodox location.

To every parent his or her own coping methods, and to every child, some kind of blissful long winter's nap!

Image Source: photo: Naps Happen (author)

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SevdaTeske SevdaTeske 5 years
I like to see them fall asleep wherever it happens to be when they're jet lagged after a long trip. We work in US foreign service so kids are used to have a 20 hour flight at least once a year. And they will hardly last till dinner time when they're still jet lagged falling asleep on the floor or even under the tables )))))
SarahThornhill SarahThornhill 5 years
*the only..
SarahThornhill SarahThornhill 5 years
Yeah I agree, I don't see anything wrong with it! My kids nap in beds, but that's only because that's the only place they sleep..if I didn't put them down for naps they would go go go until bedtime, and I like breaks. :) threw only exception where I find them passed out elsewhere than bed is when they're sick. I'll find them on floor or couch, they're not that original lol
AlleahPoirier AlleahPoirier 5 years
Those pics give me the lols! I can't understand why some parents would insist on sleeping in a bed militantly... it's not going to hurt anyone if he falls asleep where he wants to!
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