Think about all the disposable goods that go into a packed school lunch — plastic baggies, aluminum foil, wrappers and often times, a paper bag. Children each generate an average of 67 pounds of lunchtime trash every year. Chance Claxton and Lynn Julian, founders of Kids Konserve, were appalled when they read that statistic. Taking lunch into their own hands, they created a re-usable and waste-free lunch system that appealed to both parents and kids.

Their Signature Waste-Free Lunch Kit ($40) comes with a stainless steel bottle, two stainless steel containers with leak proof plastic lids, a reusable baggie for items like sandwiches, cheese and cut apples, a cloth napkin, and both a recycled aluminum name tag and recycled cotton lunch sack. All of the kits products are made from non-leaching, BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free materials. To continue educating tots about the benefits of recycling, the company has also launched the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge, offering schools the opportunity to sell the kits and earn 25 percent of each sale. With Earth Day just two days away, switching to a reusable lunch kit may be the easiest way to begin greening your life.