Most moms are guilty of letting the boob tube babysit their kids once in a while. Screen time — be it in front of the television or computer — can give parents a much-needed break to get stuff done and keeps children entertained while they watch their favorite shows, chat with their friends, or play video games. A recent study by a caregiving provider found that a nanny or babysitter's charges spent less time wired and more time outdoors, which makes sense since the person is hired to cater to the child. It said: conducted a study with nannies and babysitters registered with the online database service. In a survey of 1,000 caregivers, the positive influence of a nanny in the house is clearly felt, as children ages 8-18 are only spending 1.6 hours a day on computers, watching TV, listening to music on iPods or mp3 players, and playing video games, almost 6 hours less than the average child. A surprise added benefit of having a nanny in the home involves the health of these children as well; on average children with a nanny spend 3 hours a day playing outdoors.

Do these findings surprise you?