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Should Kids Have to Work to Earn Free School Lunch?

While every student stresses about schoolwork and social lives, there are a select few who also have to worry about finding something to eat. Luckily, there is the National School Lunch Program, which provides free or low-cost lunches to about 19 million kids across the country. A lawmaker from Georgia, however, thinks these kids have it too easy. Congressman Jack Kingston believes children who receive free or reduced lunches should have to earn them. Specifically, he suggests kids sweep the cafeteria floors as a way to pay for their meal.

To see how parents reacted to Congressman Kingston's proposal, read the full story at The Stir.

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HaleeB HaleeB 3 years
It should not be the responsibility of the child to earn the food. It should be the parents. After all, until they reach legal adulthood, it is the parents job to provide/pay for/take care of their child/ren. So, if anyone needs to earn the food, it should be the parents. It's not the kids fault their parents are in a bad financial situation.
AshlieEder1383948252 AshlieEder1383948252 3 years
This isnt cool at all. Are they aloud tommake kids do this isnt there things against children labor laws.
Roxanne1388045339 Roxanne1388045339 3 years
So disgusting. When I was a child in school I knew many kids who had free or reduced lunch.... what fault is it of a child to be born into a family who needs a little extra help or support.... it's a basic need how dare someone think they should make a child work to eat as if they asked to be born into a family who would need free or reduced lunch. RIDICULOUS i knew a child who's only meal was from his free lunch in school. He would take his lunch home to feed his baby brother.
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