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Kim Kardashian Markets Herself as a Sex Symbol, but Isn't a Fan of Teen Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian and her gorgeous gaggle of sisters may capitalize on the fact that sex sells, but she doesn't think teens should be getting pregnant and raising children. Kardashian recently posted her opinion on her blog. She said:

I saw a story about a Memphis high school where 90 young female students were either pregnant or have given birth this year! I just couldn’t believe this and I find it so sad and disturbing. It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls. The kids from these shows are all over the news, even on the covers of magazines, and have been become almost like celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!

While the 30-year-old makes a valid point, do her actions — posing for everything from Playboy to bikini ads — speak louder than her advice?

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daisy23 daisy23 6 years
Looking sexy has nothing to do with being a teen mom. It has more to do with a lack of knowledge about safe sex. There are young girls who probably look and seem very innocent but then turn out to be pregnant because they didn't know any better.
cambrianoelle cambrianoelle 6 years
I also want to add that sexuality and becoming pregnant at 16 aren't exactly the same thing... Someone can exude sexuality and keep it under wraps. Or even have sex but do it responsibly. So I don't think it's a contradiction for her to be who she is and present that stance. But, that's my opinion.
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