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Kinder Eggs Are Coming to the US, and Your Kids Are Going to Lose Their Sh*t

Chances are your American child knows all about Kinder Eggs, not because they're cultured and have traveled the world, but more likely because they pore over Kinder Surprise YouTube videos all damn day. Well, their virtual obsession with the chocolate eggs is nearly over — they can be obsessed in real life next year, as the US ban on the eggs due to a potential choking hazard won't apply to these new ones.

Made by Ferrero (the company that makes those gold-wrapped hazelnut chocolate balls you get in bulk over the holidays), the Kinder Joy eggs will have two halves: one with a small toy inside, one with a chocolate sweet treat. The separation of the two components eliminates the choking hazard posed by the original Kinder Surprise eggs — that are still sold in Europe — which contained smaller plastic eggs within the chocolate that had a toy inside.

YouTube-obsessed children, rejoice! Moms of said children, get ready for tiny plastic toys to litter your already-destroyed floors.

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