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The first day of school is a cinch, it's the process of getting there that's a hassle. I remember being excited about my own entree to kindergarten — slipping into my plaid uniform and putting on my brand new backpack hoping for homework. I was five-years-old and now twenty-six years later, I will relive that moment with my daughter in a matter of months. Currently in Pre-K, she's on her way to grammar school. While my lil darling enjoys making noodle necklaces, learns to perfect the angle of her letters and memorizes our street address, I hurry from school tour to open house, trying to find the pulse of an academic establishment that will educate her for the next nine years. I did this mad dash for preschool a few years back, but it was so much simpler. To see why,


I was more concerned with her safety (I checked the fences to make sure they were locked) than the things that come to my mind these days. Will the institution I choose offer my girl a core curriculum that will make her thrive, teachers that are still passionate about inspiring students and friends that she will bond with for the rest of her life? And, the real issue is —will she get in? We live in a city where competition is fierce, tuition is high and seats are limited. If you want to join me on this once in a lifetime journey (siblings get priority!), check in to lil's new feature where I'll be updating you.

Please chime in if you have your own story to share!

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krae85 krae85 8 years
yikes! sounds serious.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I feel like I did so little work now, they just went to their local school. I did have to transfer them to a different local one due to daycare, but I didn't do any heavy research. Granted, there are schools (and districts) I know for sure I wouldn't send them to, but we wouldn't move into them anyway. I also didn't do any preschool beyond our home lessons and some game stuff incorporated into daycare.
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