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Kindergarten Teacher Attacks Student

Caught on Camera! Teacher Bullies 6-Year-Old Student

We worry about our children being bullied by peers, but what happens when their teachers are the ones making them feel unsafe? That's the situation Anthony and Autumn Nelson have found themselves in. Earlier this month, surveillance video surfaced of the couple's son Ian being assaulted by Barb Williams, a teacher at Riverdale Schools in Ohio. In the video, Williams is seen lifting the 6-year-old and pinning him against the wall, as well as grabbing him by the face and shirt. Williams has since been suspended for 10 days, which the Nelsons believe is more of an early vacation as there are only 10 days left in the school year. They add that the punishment does not fit the crime and would like to see Williams terminated.

"I would consider what would happen to myself, if I were to do that to her," Anthony told a local news station. "If I were to do that to her, I would go to jail."

Front Page Image Source: Fox News

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AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 3 years

All I can say I dread to see your kids when they adults. If you are teaching them to treat people this way then your statement will be about your kids. Don't like your neighbor then MOVE! I grew up with a friend who had down syndrome. When she would have a hard day and had a break down the whole block heard. We didn't mind because she was learning to control her feelings and work through her problems. Well I can't say everyone was ok with it. One person called the police with a noise complaint. The neighborhood stood by the family with the girl and guess what the complainers moved! You don't know what this child is working through. Maybe he is acting out because of this teacher! You don't know what is going through is head!

marilyngeorge24807 marilyngeorge24807 3 years

This teacher should be fired. Laws are such that it's probably impossible to do so, but it is very possible for parents to share her name and her face via social media, and to unite in telling the school administration that they do not want her coming into contact with their kids.

AmyHaggard1385307077 AmyHaggard1385307077 3 years

I am sick about this! Coot-toes to the parents who are doing some thing about it. This woman shouldn't be allowed to even be around children. I don't care what the child might have said or what the child might have done. I didn't see anything out of character from this poor child.

We as adults are examples for these children. It sickens me to see these little ones being abused. I might be more understanding if this child was a teenager yet, it would still be wrong... on every front. We send our children to school to be safe to learn in a protected environment. Yet, these things happen every day and this is just one of the millions of events. I hope to see this woman fired and sent to time in jail.

I just enrolled my son for school next year and he had to sign a code of conduct. He promised to up hold rules and be respectful to the teachers and faculty. I didn't see a promise from the teacher telling the student that he/she promises to be prepared, to teach in a safe environment and to respect the student.

We as parents expect that they will protect and uphold that standard yet I wonder after watching this if we shouldn't have the teacher sign a contract to the students. About respect and being prepared to teach...This gives all teachers a bad name.

MarneyCullen MarneyCullen 3 years

I believe you're right on the money...districts have their hands tied because of union contracts in what they can and cannot do. They can, more than likely, remove her from a teaching position and put her in an administrative position away from children, but unfortunately is simply more like rewarding the behavior than punishment. The parents would be correct in filing criminal charges and seeing those through - they are not hogtied by union contracts. And yes, there is probably far more history here than seen; however, again, it does not justify an adult putting their hands on a child in this fashion.

dianec2012 dianec2012 3 years

She needs to GO!!!!

AnnaGrillot AnnaGrillot 3 years

He looks like a snot, but teachers can't act like that!

CarolHarris88199 CarolHarris88199 3 years

She needs to be fired. How about some anger management classes?

StephanieCluett StephanieCluett 3 years

She would not be teaching at any school after the shit i would be causing over this. I'm sure she wont be back at that school as what parent would allow their kid in her class???

kjforce kjforce 3 years

Why does this surprise anyone ? It has become so common place in today's world. Teachers are Adults... and NOT ALL Adults THINK like they should ( responsibly )
What could a 6 year old possibly do for a balanced adult to provoke physical attack ?
but nothing surprises me these days..DO you know how many adults are intimidated/challenged by some children ? Why aren't Teachers and potential Parents mandated to have Psychological testing and " Anger Management " classes when wanting to procreate/ or work with children ? hmmmm...just my thoughts...
My heart goes out to this traumatized child...This was NOT a teacher..this was a BULLY.

beth87552 beth87552 3 years

Check the video tapes! This is certainly not the first student she abused, and the fact that she wasn't terminated on the spot is disturbing!

JillLeverett JillLeverett 3 years

This is an absolute disgrace, whatever the child had supposedly done nothing justifies her actions. I would personally file criminal charges and this matter would be taken out of the schools hands. lola you are also a disgrace there is absolutely no reason for someone to ever do this to a child your attitude sucks, I can only hope you don't have children or if you do that nothing like this ever happens to them

Andimandi Andimandi 3 years

Lola, you must be a forum troll that just digs through the most outrageous news and posts bullsh*t comments. I cannot believe anyone would be as ignorant, foolish, trashy, just plain stupid as your comments make you out to be. Go back to the dirty little rock you crawled out from under; it's the only place morons like you belong. IF you are really the neighbor (which I highly doubt), don't be too surprised to find your car keyed, your tires slashed, and no doubt your ass beat just like this moronic teacher abused this child.

karma3p80 karma3p80 3 years

Wow, I am surprised by a lot of these comments. We have no context as to what the situation was when this happened. Maybe this boy punched another child in the classroom and ran off. Maybe he didn't do anything. I must be in the minority here, but if I learned that my child did something horrible and was disciplined like this by the teacher for that, I would blame him, not the teacher. Perhaps we could have a meeting discussing what is appropriate because yes the teacher was in the wrong and today teachers aren't allowed to discipline like this, but this is the very reason why schools are terrible. The teachers have no control and there is nothing they can do about it. They are verbally and physically abused daily by spoiled children and they have to try and teach these same kids what they need to know or else they get blamed for that, too. If this boy was doing nothing wrong then the teacher shouldn't be teaching, but if a little boy is physically harming her or other students and running out of class then he deserved it. Really, a spanking is worse than what she did to him. I am utterly surprised at how sensitive parents are now days to anyone trying to discipline their child. And yes, I am a parent. Now, the bashing on me can begin....

jeff1376266399 jeff1376266399 3 years

If the ignorant, inept, wimpy, and severely lacking in common sense school system isn't going to do something about it then YOU need to. I'm REAL tired of seeing teachers get 10 day paid vacations for committing assault. My wife works for a school system and they're scared of their own shadows....If that's my son this woman isn't able to walk as of the following day.

Mary1388145106 Mary1388145106 3 years

If she is a teacher she should have more limits then anyone here you moron. She shouldn't be a f**** teacher obviously she lost it. Kids are kids and even if they act out who the hell do you think you are to touch a lil kid. I pray to god you don't have any children you poor excuse of a woman.

Mary1388145106 Mary1388145106 3 years

Your pathetic Lola your a poor excuse of a woman I hope you don't have any children.

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