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Kindergartener Gets Detention

Should Kindergarteners Get Detention For This?

It's not often you hear about a 6 year old getting detention, especially for something that is not his or her fault. But that's exactly what happened to Brooke Loeffler when her parents dropped her off late at Olympia Elementary in Texas.

Brooke's parents think the punishment is unfair and her mom Erika offered to volunteer at the school in place of Brooke serving detention. However Steve Lindscomb, the director of public information for the school district, says punishment needs to be consistent regardless of age. Lindscomb says the policy has been able to cut tardies down 90-95 percent since the rule was put in place three years ago.

Read more at ABC News.

Source: ABC News
Taisha-ReyesAlvarez1361493568 Taisha-ReyesAlvarez1361493568 4 years
Ummm, I went to Catholic school and if you were late, you got detention, didn't matter if you were in kindergarten or a senior in HS. The detention was put in place so that families learned to respect the fact that classes start at a certain time and that being late does cause a disruption once the class is in session. I was late and so were all of my friends and we took the detention w/no argument b/c we broke the rules and had to suffer the consequences of it. Every Catholic school I know of has detention and it's been going on for as long as the schools have been open. Very rarely do schools who have this system in place make a pass for a tardy student. Of course a young child has no control over what time their mother drops them off but if the kid has to suffer the punishment b/c of the parent, well then, there's a good chance that parent won't let it happen again. With that said, I feel particular case might be different. The mother is caring for a infant w/medical problems. I'm sure that the school was aware of this and if not, the mother should have told them ahead of time. If she did that, then maybe the school could have helped her to find a another parent willing to take/pick up her daughter on time and this situation could have been avoided. If this was the very first time this mother brought her daughter to school late, then I think the school should have given her a pass, given her difficult situation. But they didn't and that sucks, but life isn't always fair or right so in this case she should just keep it moving and try and make a plan so that this doesn't happen again. Personally, I don't see the big deal but then again, this situation could have been avoided if the mother had a talk w/the school about her personal circumstances ahead of time. Crying about the indignity of her child "suffering" b/c of a detention should really be the least of her worries if she's got a sick baby at home. Kids suffer all the time b/c of the decisions/actions of their parents, that's life b/c no parent is perfect. This time is no different. Sometimes I find that today's society wants coddles our kids too much and then they wonder why some kids grow up unable to accept no, accept defeat and failure yet expect the world to hand them everything on a silver platter.
StephFilby StephFilby 4 years
This is absurd. The child is six and can in no way control what time she arrived at school. People need to lighten up. There is no way I would allow my child to take this detention. I live in the uk and we are much more relaxed about this. And as for needing a doctors note for a sick day, even more absurd! Kids can be too ill for school but not ill enough to need a doctor! What about stomach bugs? You can't send a vomiting child to school, nor does it require a Dr! But this detention is just wrong. At my children's school they reward the children with certificates at a special assembly if they are at school every day and on time. Motivation is much better than punishment at this age,
DianaLewis96744 DianaLewis96744 4 years
Treating a young child like this is why they grow up not doing well...
ArianneHaley ArianneHaley 4 years
Uumm there shouldnt even be detention for a 6 year old anyways. People need to relax a bit and be more concerned with the kids causing trouble....not coming in late at 6 years old!!! REDICULOUS
GretchenKindberg GretchenKindberg 4 years
Gotta love it when the kid is punished for the parents' behavior. Shaking my head....
KarenWaide KarenWaide 4 years
This is ridiculous! Putting a Kindergarten student in DETENTION??? How is that fair? It is not her fault her parents got her to school late. And it sounds to me that the parents are trying to make it right but the school isn't working with them. I feel bad for them. They have a newborn with medical issues and both parents work. I'm sure they are doing the best they can. Either way, it makes no sense to give the child detention at this age.
AlavisiCarmona AlavisiCarmona 4 years
People are getting all bent out of shape over nothing. Get your lazy arses up, and get your children off to school on time. Point- Blank, Period!!! There are so many schools closing down, forcing children to cross gang-territory, and be placed in over-crowded classtooms. Detention should happen! It doesn't matter what grade a child is in. Frequent tardiness is not acceptable! It disrupts the teacher and the students who are already in class, settled down and lessons may have started. Children lose their focus, Stop to look at "late child", and then the teacher has to get the students back on track again. You can't have frequent tardiness at your job, or eventually you'll be fired. You slouchy parents are just making excuses. You don't care enough to think about how your rudeness affects others. The detentions are to make a statement- Get to school on time!!
JamieMacadams JamieMacadams 4 years
Do you want to know how many tardies my six year old son has? I can't tell you! My son has ADHD, ODD, and a mood disorder. Unfortunately that means he has to take numerous medications. He does not sleep well at night and gets up very early in the morning. After he eats Breakfast and has his morning meds he has to take a nap. if he doesn't and stays awake till school he has such awful behaviors that he is sent home from school before lunch. So I let him take a nap. His school starts at 825. I usually get him there y that time, But their was a couple times when he got up to 10 minutes late. Which I had called one of his workers and let her know we were running late. Well she decided not to tell the teacher. I went in for my son's IEP meeting and they brought in a truancy officer! They reported me to the county! I tried to explain to them that he needs a nap in the morning if they want him to stay in school all day. Most days we get there on time. At first they were unsure if they were going to accomodate us to let him be up to 10 min late. I really don't understand how they can punish a child who has no control of their parents! My son isn't driving the car, or managing time in the morning. Sometimes people run late in the morning, and that has to be taken into consideration, especially when the child and the parent are on medications for mental health issues. Sometimes it is hard for me to wake up in the morning, I take Ambien CR at night around 10pm but I sometimes can't sleep till 12-2 am. So it is hard for me to wake up. That is not my son's fault. I think when a kid gets to be more responsible then they can be held reliable.
KerriDent KerriDent 4 years
Really? Often children are late for dentist/doctor/optomitrist appts. This method seems absurd, to punish children. I wonder what happens if they miss the entire day! :0
Amanda67820 Amanda67820 4 years
So let me get this right. A 6 year old got detention because her parents were late on dropping her off at school? Do you know how STUPID that is and sounds. First off, she is 6 -- what the heck can she do about it? She can't drive, and she is young. I hate stupid crap like this. And I would be personally going into that school and telling them to shove their policy up their *&^'s. Some people need to be a little more forceful with protecting their children's interests.
SandraBlack56431 SandraBlack56431 4 years
Considering this country is having issues regarding education, like low test scores, absences, violence, obese children (and no physical education!) ect. It seems a bit radical to then punish these little ones so severely for what is out of their control is absurd! Let's start 'em out hating school right off the rip.....nice plan!
ReginaStewart4691 ReginaStewart4691 4 years
I am so shocked by the comments. Not every mother has a significant other/husband to help with working and making money, or help with transportation. I think it is so judgemental to make comments about being a repsonsible mother or parent. Wow! It is actually a violation of a child's right to keep them in a time out for more than their actual age, 6 minutes for a 6 year old. It is actually considered unconstitutional to keep them in during lunch. My son did not freeze during recess twice and both times they kept him in during lunch. I went off the handle and this school no longer punishes my ADHD child for not freezing at recess. You are also not supposed to withhold any kind of food or treat. No standards either!! The schools do a lot to violate a child's rights. My son started kindergarten and has actually said, " I wish I were dead it is so hard to be on green everyday!" So I have issues with the behavior/color code. I am a BCBA, board ceritfied behaviorist who was a social worker for 10 yeas but what do I know!!
JeanieMJN JeanieMJN 4 years
My niece was late for school because my son (2 months) threw up blood on all of us. How does that make me or my niece irresponsible? BTW my son has medical problems from day one, and sill has yet to be diagnosed. My husband worked at night and I worked during the day, so it is resonable her dad could be there for lunch and not be there to get her to school. Lets all remember we don't know all the facts in this case, so compete judgement IS irresponsible!
ShannaRone ShannaRone 4 years
Wow...this makes perfect sense. Person A is innocent so let's punish Person A to teach person B a lesson-is essentially what this comes down to. What a way to demonstrate justice. Those arguing that it is an irresponsible parent, really?!? I love how one has no further background regarding this story, yet [one] can rationalize out it was the parenting gone awry that is to blame. Well, to hell with that notion, and as a matter of fact to hell with providing a reason for the cause of tardiness or being absent- I understand the importance of education, and respect the need to regulate certain aspects (ensuring adequate time for studies, etc.) but in the absence of an ongoing problem these things should be allowed to remain private. Last I checked the parents birthed the child, and provided for the child-yet here I am having to tell you why they were absent one day out of every few months, or tardy these few days... dammit they were absent because they were preoccupied and tardy for the same- that is all the reason my child's school will ever get. Her grades are stellar, she as multiple extracurriculars (karate-5yrs, guitar/violin 2yrs, piano 3 yrs, just stopped gymnastics, swimming and rock climbing), two reading levels above grade level, step-team,etc.-- there is a limit to how much information I am willing to give the schools-until her grades begin slipping or another issue arises- get off of my back about wanting me to explain her every absence/tardiness. Before it is voiced, no, I do not share this type of information with my job either. If I need to be out (it will obviously be for a reason-and I demonstrate my proficiency when I am present so there is no need to question my absence) simply call out and state I can not make it for personal reasons. I am late infrequently at best so again, that too isnt an issue. I respect other's time as I do my own, so if I am willing to acknowledge my not being present or being tardy know that it isnt simpy my way of fooling around or failure to adequately budget time, know that it happens infrequently and I do in fact value your time, but in the moment something else is more urgent/emergent.
LeischenCelsur LeischenCelsur 4 years
In our school district in Texas, 3 tardies require parents to go to court where a judge will fine them for the tardies. This will continue with each 3 tardies and the fines will get higher each time. That way the punsihment is on the parents not the students.
JasmineZoschak JasmineZoschak 4 years
As a child who only was in detention because my mother did not get me to school on time. I find none of the adults are taking into consideration the the school is using the child as a pawn to try to alter the parents behavior. I had no control over when I got to school. I even lied to my mother telling her school started 20 minutes earlier then it really did. I came from a poor single mother household where their was drugs abuse. Spending time in detention because I could not manipulate my mother to get me to school on time, just re- enforced the fact that no one really cared about me. The administrator and the so called school counselors didn't care and if their little darling had to live in my world at that time they would not even get to school and be rocking themselves in a corner. The attitude of the administrator and some of these comment explain why our school are failing. More concerned about the adults then the kids. More concerned about their attendance numbers and policy then teaching children. Unless you are a teacher who is inspiring your students, care about them, and causing them to really learn, you are an overpaid babysitter.
AmyFigueroaMohammed AmyFigueroaMohammed 4 years
I read some comments below and would like to tell some people to wake up. Telling the Mom to get her kid to school on time like other responsible parents? How do you know she isn't a responsible parent? How do you know that something that was out of her control wasn't to blame like a flat tire or an accident holding up traffic? And another person who said the school is not a paid baby sitter. Pardon me the child's parent(s) pay taxes which are what is used to pay the school and teachers. Nowadays, even in public school, almost everything has to be paid for by parents.
keelypeck keelypeck 4 years
Some of the rules they implement now are a little over the top especially for kids this young...When my son was 5 and in kindergarten he was suspended for one day because he got upset and threw a piece of paper...when I saw the paperwork done for this behavior he was charged with assault because he threw the paper towards the teacher! I mean really he was frustrated and lets not forget he was 5! This is the same year that a couple of kindergartners were suspended for a day for playing cops and robbers on the playground because they held their hands up like a gun and said "bang bang!" I know there is no tolerance anymore but I think some things have been taken a little too far especially for the younger children.
CeciliaBailey CeciliaBailey 4 years
Many people want to be mad at the school for doing any sort of discipline. The truth is, there isn't enough of it going around sometimes. The school has a policy in place. If the parent doesn't like it they can feel free to send them to private school ( who btw might have the same type of rules, if not stricter) This is not a paid baby sitter, you don't tell them how to do their jobs. Everyone needs to realize the schools have a hard enough time. Teachers have a hard enough time. They are simply doing things to force parents to do the right thing. If you choose not to, fine your child will have to pay the price for you. I do believe that this rule is for unexcused lateness. A doctor's appointment would be an excused tardy. Missing the bus or not hearing the alarm- is unexcused tardy. Excused tardy is basically one where you can have a note from a place stating you were there instead of school. Same goes for absences in our school. If there is no professional note to go with it, it is an unexcused absence. This means if your child is that sick that they miss school then they need to go to the doctor and get a note. You say you don't have time to take them to the doctor- then they aren't too sick then and you're not too worried. There is some wiggle room to this rule for one of my children. She gets migraines. I simply need to call her neurologist who faxes a letter to the school stating I let them know of the migraine. This can be good since then he can track how often she is getting them too. Mind you I'm not saying one offense should get detention but maybe have all the parents sign a form stating they went over the hand book each year -where it states all rules and punishments for breaking them. (our school makes parents and students sign these before the first day of school) A good rule might be- the 3rd time late, detention will be given. When the child hits the 2nd remind the parent. This will stop any confusion.
KarenMurphyLinden KarenMurphyLinden 4 years
3rd attempt....[Track pad-itis] One aspect of childhood, that is being totally forgotten here, is that young children already blame themselves for bad things that happen to them. Ask any victim of abuse and they will tell you that they thought the punishments and molestation were because THEY WERE BAD. A six-year-old cannot discern that he/she is being scapegoated for the sins of the parent and they righteously accept it when an authority figure tells them they are being punished for being bad. They accept the blame for both their own errors, and those that are thrust on them, and internalize it for years to come -- right into a lifetime of victimhood (as too many women have done for generations, already). Will one incident do that much damage? Probably not, but do you in fact KNOW that no one else is already victimizing this child and setting a pattern?? No policy set by any bureaucracy is going to be perfect in every situation. Someone needs to be smart enough to look at cases and use a little discernment!
KarenMurphyLinden KarenMurphyLinden 4 years
I think some of you are forgetting a very imp
ToniBorras ToniBorras 4 years
Yeah, it's fair. Come on, mom. Get your kid to school on time. The rest of us responsible parents do, you should too. I agree that parent punishment works. And unfortunately many would drag in late each day if they weren't motivated to get them to school on time. Many high schools fine parents hundreds of dollars if their kid is truant or tardy too often. Plus it's not fair to those who are conscientious.
BonnieAnderson11938 BonnieAnderson11938 4 years
I really believe it should be a case by case decision, that is discussed between school and parent, or adult caregiver. Referring to this story, the child's mother offered to volunteer at the school, and that sounds like a good idea. Volunteering time out of her day to help out at school, is free for the school, and can be a sacrifice to do it. So, win, win, school gets help, and parent will get the child to school on time in the future. I don't agree that elementary kids, or special needs kids should be detained for being tardy. The only reasons my kids are ever tardy, are because of late bus, doctor/dental appointments, that make it impossible to take my husband to work, and then turn around to take my kid out of school, to then get to the medical appointment on time. I agree that it is important to teach kids at a young age, that it is important to manage time correctly. I have a sweet sister who has a habit of not making it on time to appointments, events, because she multi-taskes too much. Multi-tasking is a good skill too, but if it interferes with someone elses time schedule, when you have an appointment to keep, it's time to streamline. I hate getting places just on time or late, so I try to plan my time, to get to places/appointments early, at least 15-10 minutes. A very important skill to learn. Which sometimes gets me into and out of places quicker.
DenyseNg DenyseNg 4 years
Rules are rules. Parents should be more vigilant in getting the children to school on time.. For whatever reasons to be late than its the parents to go explain to the school.. By punishing the child will also deter others children and parents to make the same mistake.
Candace75368 Candace75368 4 years
Ok...listen "people with negative comments". First of all....there could be "numerous" reasons why they are late...most of which would be a legit reason. To punish "your child" for the tardiness is just plain outright "stupid!!". She or he shouldn't be punished at all....especially if there is a legit reason to begin with. Children need to learn right from wrong...and "wrong" is what is happening here. The child would not understand "why" they are being punished for something they have no control over. It is up to the parents to get her there on time...therefore, should be the parents who need to explain and if need be, "warned" if it happens too many times. Especially if they don't have a legit reason. I have been late...i'm sure at one time or another that you were too.
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