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Are People Nicer to You When Pregnant?

Last weekend my mother-in-law and I were out shopping and I received numerous compliments on the maternity shirt I was wearing. Pumping more good vibes into my already cheery demeanor, a random passerby smiled and wished me luck and told me to take care of myself and "that" baby.

I turned to my MIL and said, "One of the good things about being pregnant is most everyone is nice to you." She replied, "True! It also happens when you get old!" We both chuckled and took our big and old selves home for some R&R.


MissSushi MissSushi 9 years
Most people were nicer, but the problem was that when I was pregnant with my daugther, we lived in a VERY small town in oklahoma. Bascially everyone there is very country small townish, and while nice, are pushy and even worse with offering opinions. The most blaring injustice i dealt with was at the hospital i gave birth in. They were SOOO nice! They answered my few calls promptly, they were polite, helpful, offered me everything under the sun for pain meds, etc, i got as many pillows as I needed, good food, etc. When I went into the very same small town hospital a month later to have emergency gallbladder surgery, they were COMPLETELY different. Rude, annoyed, pushy, ignored my calls, left me in the dark stuck in compression stockings right after surgery, it was really awful. They wouldnt ever come when it was time for new meds, and i had issues with the painful pocket of gas causign pain in my shoulder, and refused to give me any strong painkillers. blah.. it was terrible.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
Because people who aren't pregnant can't buy baby stuff for friends, family, or being adopting a child?
beccalu beccalu 9 years
In some ways yes and in some ways no. People who know me are very happy and seem more considerate, but because I look so young, people who don't know me give me dirty looks and seem very disapproving. I'm 23 and I know that I'm plenty old enough and mature enough to be a mommy so I don't let it get to me too much. Also, I'm not showing much an that makes other women give me funny looks. I went to do my registry at Babies R Us when I was about 5 months (I'm 5 1/2 now). I had one woman actually look me up and down like "what are you doing here?" Oh well, people will judge. What can you do? :/
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 9 years
Oh yeah, I had a lot of lovely experiences when I was pregnant. We went to see Dane Cook when I was about 7 months along, and I actually had a couple offer their seats to us because they didn't think I should be way up on the second deck of the arena. We wound up with 3rd row seats!
gigimama gigimama 9 years
I am currently six months pregnant. About a month ago, I had to ride the local light rail train line several times. I was obviously pregnant, but not yet huge. People gave up their seats for me multiple times, which made me feel a little guilty. But I was grateful. Yes, I think around here people are kinder to pregnant women.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I personally don't think it's resentment on the part of other women. I think it just is the way it is. I also don't really want special treatment while pregnant. I'm not unable to perform normal duties and I don't want to be treated that way. I expect and perform polite duties on a daily basis, regardless of someone's physical appearance.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
oddly, no....
amyd5 amyd5 9 years
For the most part, people have been pleasant....asking "when are you due, etc" in random public places... BUT today I was getting my flu-shot which my doctor insisted I get since I am 34 weeks and will be pregnant during flu season, and the woman in back of me kept bumping into me in line...I turned around and said, "i'm so sorry, I don't have any more room to move forward"...since my tummy was taking up the space in front of me:)...and she continued to bump into me 3 more times, all the while talking to the person in back of her. I thought it was so incredibly reminded me of the recent posts about the woman who wouldn't give up her seat on the bus for babysugar. So why do you think that some other WOMEN are rude to pregnant women...are they resentful, do they think "no one went out of the way for me when I was pregnant", or do they just go through life being rude equally to everyone? I was close to tears because I was so mad that she kept bumping into me and obviously didn't care.
Akpril Akpril 9 years
This is my favorite thing about being pregnant- how people react to you. I think most women who have had kids remember the hope and excitement of being pregnant and it all comes back when they see someone who is. And I love the way kids interact with me- how they watch you with this mixture of curiosity and shyness. A few weeks ago I was walking through Nordstroms thinking about all the great clothes I couldn't fit into anymore and feeling a little sorry for myself when this woman came up to me and wanted to hear all about the baby and what position it was in and when I was due. She was so genuinely excited for me and nostalgic for her own pregnancies that she completely turned my attitude around. I spent the rest of the day feeling so beautiful and excited.
macgirl macgirl 9 years
Yes people were much nicer and I got a lot of attention I normally didn't get. Like what Greggie said it also went both ways with comments that were occasionally hurtful (even though I rarely think the person saying intended it that way).
Greggie Greggie 9 years
Not really. People are generally polite around here regardless. I'd actually venture that pregnancy makes people less polite, they blurt out anything and think they can touch me.
jessie jessie 9 years
in all honesty....i don't rememeber! :D...:rotfl:....prolly so i imagine tho
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